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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-13 09:00:11
Our friends at are expecting their Dynamite Kid documentary to begin shipping anytime, so now's the time to order. They will also be selling signed copies autographed by Kid.

USA Today featured a piece today on the IOC's decision to cut wrestling from the Olympics, including quotes from Harvey Schiller. Yes, the same former Turner executive who "fired" Eric Bischoff on WCW Monday Nitro. Small world.

The New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, Long Island will be running their biggest show of the year the 2013 Psycho Circus on Saturday 2/23 at the NYWC Sportatorium. Annually, this is one of the best shows of the year in the Northeast and I continue to be amazed that the promotion doesn't have a higher profile, especially since so many of their core talents like Apollyon, Alex Reynolds, Papadon, etc. are starting to really catch on in other places. Announced thus far for the event:

*Psycho Circus - Team Apollyon (Apollyon & Dickie Rodz & Rex Lawless & Ryan Rush) vs. Team Big O (Big O & Mikey Whipwreck & Stockade & Alvin Alvarez
*Jerry Lynn vs. Papadon vs. Mike Mondo in Lynn's final Northeast match.
*NYWC Tag Team champions John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Chuck Taylor & Jigsaw
*Trent Baretta vs. Tony Nese
*Joker's Wild Battle Royal.
For ticket information, visit

CHIKARA kicked off their "Season 12" over the weekend with shows in Reading and Easton, PA. On 2/9 in Reading, the big news was that CHIKARA Grand champion Eddie Kingston lost via submission in a non-title bout to Green Ant with the Texas Cloverleaf, which looks to set up a title bout in March Kevin Steen and the Young Bucks were in. On 2/9, they teamed in a six man tag to defeat 3.0 and Gran Akuma. On 2/10, Steen challenged Kingston for the CHIKARA Grand championship in what was said to be a really good match. Steen had beaten Kingston on a ROH PPV last year, so now Kingston has his win back. Green Ant came down to challenge Steen for the belt on 3/9 in Orlando, FL which led to Kingston slapping Ant despite the fact he was being respectful. On 2/10, The Bucks lost their CHIKARA Tag straps (known here as the Campeonatos de Parejas) to 3.0 in what was said to have been a really good Best of Three Falls bout.

In other notes of worth from the shows, they ran an angle on 2/10 where during a fan giveaway, Ophidian came down when a fan won a mask of his nemesis, Amasis. Ophidian then attacked a section of "fans", who were also wearing the same mask, leading to CHIKARA officials hitting the scene to stop him. Amasis then appeared to screw with Ophidian....Mr. Touchdown (who has a hell of a future in the business) retained his Young Lions Cup over Saturyne....They continued the storyline where the Colony and The Swarm members are being forced to team with each other despite being rivals by CHIKARA's Director of Fun (think General Manager) Wink Vavasseur....Delirious worked the 2/9 Reading event, losing to Dasher Hatfield but attacking him after....They teased putting Tim Donst, one of their top villains, with female valet Veronica after he was upset with lackey Jakob Hammermeier. Donst actually cut Jakob's hair in front of the fans on 2/9.

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