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By Jose Perez on 2013-02-12 12:11:24
A very interesting and confusing night of “good ‘ol” wrestling took place last Saturday night when WWC held their weekly house show, which they referred to as "One of those nights that don't need a name..." A very good crowd in Catano, PR. Here are the results and some commentary on the main event and new angles that took place at the show:

- “El Diabolico” retained his WWC Jr. Heavyweight title by defeating AJ Castillo.

- Carlito Caribbean Cool came out to address the crowd. He was accompanied by the “Familia Cool”, except for Apollo and Thunder & Lightning (more on this later in the report). He basically states that after tonight he will be the new Universal champion and owner of WWC.

- Jay Velez & Xix Xavant defeated “The Executioners” – After the match, “The Executioners” were unmasked and they turned out to be the CWA Tag Team champions “Las Torres” (The Towers).

- “El Ilegal-Chicano” became the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight champion after defeating Samson Walker. This match was supposed to be a “Three Way Dance” but “El Leon” Apollo was not able to arrive since his flight being cancelled due to the big snow storm in the Northeast.

- Sons of Samoa bécame WWC World Tag Team champions after they defeated Thunder & Lightning w/ Barrabas. After the match, Barrabas came into the ring and confronted T&L, who were bruised and bloody from the battle against S.O.S. Barrabas yelled at them and told them that they were done. “First you lose your masks in Aniversario 2012, and now this!!” Barrabas decided to slap them, which enraged T&L who went after him only to be attacked once again by S.O.S. They left them lying in the ring. Barrabas then told them that he only associates himself with winners, and since they are not winners anymore he now represents S.O.S.

- In a “No DQ, no time limit, there has to be a winner”, and if Colon Sr loses, Carlito Caribbean Cool gets to buy WWC from him and Jovica - Savio Vega defeated Carlos Colon Sr. During the last couple of minutes of the match, Colon Sr. had Vega in his figure four leg lock when Carlito came to the ring. CCC distracted his father who unlocked the figure four and went after him, but CCC stayed on the apron. Out comes Ray Gonzalez, who pulls him down and starts brawling with CCC all the way back into the locker rooms. Back in the ring, Colon Sr. turns around to look for Savio Vega, only for Vega to nail him with the “pain-killer” (super-sidekick). Vega goes for the pin, but only gets a 2 count as Colon managed to get his leg on the bottom rope. Vega and Colon brawl a bit, when out of nowhere comes Invader #1, who gets in the ring and has his taped fist. Vega receives him with a spinning kick, but misses its mark. Invader #1 steps aside and is now right in front of Colon, who he then proceeds to hit with his famous “heart punch”. Colon fades and falls in the middle of the ring. Invader #1 grabs Vega and puts him on top of Colon. He then tells the referee to count. The ref just stares in disbelief of what just happened, but proceeds with the count stopping at 2. He looks up at Invader #1 and completes the 3 count. Invader runs out of the ring and disappears going back to the locker room. Savio Vega stood up in the ring, looking towards the locker room amazed, only then to start laughing and celebrating that now CCC, Barrabas and he will have ownership of WWC.

- Ray Gonzalez retained the WWC Universal as a result of a no-contest in his match against Carlito due to the “Super Fenix” getting involved towards the end. After Fenix comes in and Gonzalez starts to brawl with him, he gets taken down and beaten by the “Familia Cool” members, who join in. After a few minutes, Thunder and Lightning come out of the locker rooms and run in to make the save. They cleared the ring and after arguing for a few minutes, the “Familia Cool” - La Artilleria Pesada salva a Ray Gonzalez

- La Familiasad retreats into the locker rooms. Gonzalez and T&L stand in the ring and the crowd is going crazy asking them to join forces. They stare at each other for a minute or two and finally unite once again. Could this be the beginning of another family reunion; only this time being the “Millennium Family”?

Overall, a good house show full of swerves and turns. Some seem logical and others, like Invader’s involvement leave you scratching your head and wandering how they will backfill the story for it to make any sense. We will wait and see.

This Saturday WWC returns to Bayamon, PR for their weekly house show. Their TV promo, as well as online, states that “…after everything that took place last Saturday, this is a show you will not want to miss.” The only match announced up to today is for the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight title: “El Ilegal-Chicano” defends against “El Leon” Apollo. Still, you could expect some sort of continuance of the angles that took place last week. It is already known that Carlito will not be present as he will be taking part of the FWE event in NYC, where he will be defending the FEW title facing Matt Hardy and Tommy Dreamer in a “Three-Way Dance – Ladder Match”. Barrabas and Savio Vega will most likely represent “Familia Cool” during the event.

On another note, the second TV show for the new promotion, World Wrestling League (WWL), was presented. With a new channel and much better time slot (old 1AM vs new 2PM) on Saturdays, the show should start picking up the pace. They dedicated the show to talk about their upcoming first event, and the performers that will be taking part in the show. Still promoting Bobby Lashley, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, Monster Pain, “Los Mamitos”-Sexy B. and Mr. E.” It was also announced that the NWA World Heavyweight champion, “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas and DWE (Domincan Wrestling Entertainment) champion Rico Casanova will take part of their first show. Hugo Savinovich also talked about three Mexican “luchadores” that will be coming to participate in the show: “Laredo Kid”, “Hombre Sin Miedo” and “Estelaris”.

WWL has announced the addition of Danny Nieves-Gerena. Nieves-Gerena is a former promoter “NWA Lucha Chicago” and “A.I.W.F Lucha Chicago All Pro”. He has also been an integral part of promotions like “Gladiadores Aztecas de Lucha Libre Internacional (G.A.L.L.I.)” and “Chicago Style Wrestling”. He is known as manager of “El Rebelde” Noriega and the Chicago based tag team “Soul Touchaz”.

They have been sending messages of an announcement that will be made within this week regarding a “World champion from a big company in the mainland”. There is a lot of speculation as to who that person will be, but it definitely has created a buzz. They will be making more announcements in the next few weeks, as they approach their first live event.

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