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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-11 20:38:01
Dragon Gate USA announced this evening that former main eventer Shingo would be returning to the company for their Wrestlemania weekend events in Secaucus, NJ as part of Wrestlecon weekend. Shingo was one of the top names for the company when they launched several years back but had been exclusively working in Japan. He'll be coming in to challenge Johnny Gargano on the 4/6 iPPV event. It's a big boost to their roster to have him back.

Also officially confirmed for Wrestlemania weekend are Brian Kendrick, CIMA, Akira Tozawa, EITA, Christina Von Eerie, Ricochet, The Young Bucks, Sami Callihan, Arik Cannon, Chuck Taylor, Jon Davis, Rich Swann, The Super Smash Brothers, Samuray Del Sol and more. For ticket information, visit

Over the weekend, DGUSA announced some changes for the EVOLVE promotion. Since they are instituting n an EVOLVE title at Wrestlecon, the promotion will no longer heavily count the win/loss record. Gabe Sapolsky commented, ""We believe the Records concept can work under the right conditions, but we were never able to get those conditions. We would need monthly shows with a set talent roster to really showcase the strength and importance of keeping Records. If we are able to get a consistent schedule and roster like this one day, we will look at putting all the importance on Records again. The original idea was to give the Leaderboard the same importance as championships. Let's face it, the leaderboard never caught on like that. Now that we are crowning a champion, we have a title holder to base everything around. We will still keep the sports feel of EVOLVE, but now everything will be centered around the champion."

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