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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-11 11:08:56
If there was ever a weekend that would put grey hair on the heads of wrestling promoters, this was it and Pro Wrestling Syndicate was no exception. With snowstorm Nemo dropping a ton of snow in the Northeast the night before their latest live events in Metuchen, NJ, headlined by Lance Storm in a rare appearance vs. Jerry Lynn in a reprisal of their ECW feud for Lynn's retirement tour, well, it was a pretty stressful 24 hours. Over the course of the weekend, the promotion rebooked flights for the majority of their talents. They could have lost pretty much every major player on the cards, but thankfully only lost three talents due to the weather - former WWE developmental talents Micah and Tracy Taylor and aerial midget performer Demo, who was set to debut as part of a Suicidal Six Way.

However, the promotion had to rebook travel for La Rosa Negra, Awesome Kong, Becky Bayless, Lance Storm and Katarina Leigh, among others. Not wanting to false advertise, the promotion absorbed all of the expenses, which included a pretty hefty fee for Storm as you will see.

The talent who went through the worst part of travel hell was easily Lance Storm. He left his home in Calgary on 5 AM Friday and traveled to Toronto, only to be snowbound overnight. That forced him to miss an eventually canceled training seminar. Storm then attempted to fly out via Air Canada Saturday morning and spent several hours in line trying to find out the status of his ever-postponed flight. In the end, PWS spent another $1000 to book Storm on another flight out of another Toronto airport. Storm was then stuck an additional four hours waiting for that flight and finally arrived at the venue at 6:30 PM Saturday, just a few hours prior to the main event.

Despite that, Storm really pulled out an incredible performance as he and Lynn had a great 15-20 minute bout that harked back to their days where they were tearing down the house in ECW. Other than a moment where the two clunked heads, accidentally busting Lynn open, it was a near perfect bout and one of the best matches of Lynn's farewell run. Storm, who hardly takes booking anymore, openly remarked this might be his final match and said after the travel experience, he never wanted to leave his house again. The match is available for iPPV replay at Watching the bout, it was pretty obvious how there aren't a lot of great workers made from that stock anymore.

Official attendance was 213 for the afternoon women's event and 855 for the "Thank you Jerry" iPPV.

The promotion crowned their first Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling (BLOW, get it?) champion in Missy Sampson as she won a four way bout over the weekend to capture the belt. Alex Reynolds won the Tri-State championship from Star Man after an evil version of Star Man debuted (the character has not been identified yet).

Actor Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell, made his official in-ring debut over the weekend as well during an eight man tag, although it was really just an elbowdrop and a pin.

Since Demo could not get in due to travel, Mia Yim was booked into the Six Way and had a great showing.

Australian female talent Nikki Nitro worked the BLOW event, losing to Star Man. She's headed to Florida to train at the Team 3D Academy.

Shelly Martinez celebrated her birthday working the PWS events.

PWS returns to action Wrestlemania weekend with Supercard 2013 on 4/4 and 4/5.

On Thursday 4/4, PWS will feature:

*Big Van Vader as Guest Commissioner
*Superstar Billy Graham, The Iron Sheik appearing
*PWS champion Kevin Matthews vs. Colt Cabana
*John Morrison vs. "Pope" Elijah Burke
*Rock N Roll Express vs. The Briscoes
*Trent Barreta vs. Sonjay Dutt
*Dan Maff vs. Kevin Steen
*Davey Richards vs. Anthony Nese
*Hardcore Scramble: Apollyon vs. Devon Moore vs. Lucifer Darksyde vs. Necro Butcher vs. New Jack vs. The Sheik vs. Tommy Dreamer
TBA vs. Simon Dean
*Also appearing are Starman, Alex Reynolds, Hurricane Helms, The Big O and more.

Friday 4/5 will feature:
*PWS Guest Commissioner Vader
*Appearances by Bret Hart, Superstar Billy Graham, Tom Prichard
*John Morrison vs. Jushin Liger
*PWS champion Kevin Matthews vs. Anthony Nese
*New Jack vs. Necro Butcher
*PWS Tri-State champion Alex Reynolds vs. Sonay Dutt
*Hurricane Shane Helms & Starman vs. Chris Chetti & Nova
*Pat Buck vs. Tommy Dreamer
*PWS Bombshells champ Missy Sampson vs. TBA.
*Trent Barreta vs. Alex Reynolds
*Also appearing are the Rock N' Roll Express, Matt Hardy and more.

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