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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-11 09:59:00

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JR talks about Bruno's induction as if it's going to headline the HOF. I suppose there's a chance of him speaking last at the ceremony, but do you really see him presented last at WM? I'm quite sure Foley is going to take that spot.

I think a lot of younger fans feel the same way.  To us older fans, as great as Mick's career was, Bruno's was better.  His title run last eight years!  I would think that gets him on last.  In my opinion, it certainly should.

I hadn't noticed till today you guys are taking pre-orders for the Royal Rumble DVD. Is this going to be a regular thing? Will you be selling past DVDs too? Will the Blu-Rays WWE produces be available too?

Thanks for asking!  If you look at the top or side of the site, you will see a link for our Amazon SuperStore.  In it, you will find almost every item that sells, at the same price.  But when you buy it from us, Amazon pays us a commission and it helps support the site.  So if you click on the Store link, you can then go to Amazon and buy whatever you are looking for.  We appreciate the support.  Every little bit helps.

Can’t get through the day without a couple visits to! Love the Q and A. Amazing how you all retain so much. Constantly catch myself thinking “Wow, I forgot about that!”. I do remember enough to constantly see ideas on TV that aren’t exactly new. Which brings me to my question. Isn’t it time to stop adding people to Aces and Eights? It’s starting to remind me of the end days of the NWO, which is not a good thing. To me, they’re not just diluting the stable of A&E, but they’re tying up a lot of the roster in one angle.

I agree, they are letting it get diluted.  Even Kevin Nash said so a few days ago, and he was part of the original.  I think it has gone on long enough and before they add anyone new they should expose the leader.  It is time.

Has no one in WWE creative realized that this year in 5h time in the last 6 Wrestlemania's that John Cena has gone in to 'challenge the champion' at Wrestlemania? Surely the effect of Cena going for the title at Mania has worn off by now?

It sure has for many of us fans, that's for sure.  And yes, some people in the company definitely have noticed.  But, the big man, Vince McMahon, hasn't so we will get more of it. Lucky us.

Since Ryback is now being compared to Goldberg by WWE fans can we expect a WWE Studios original: Santa's Slay 2: Feed me Elves just in time for Christmas?

That is just so wrong.  Funny, but wrong!

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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