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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-02-09 18:00:46
Three men are in the second round of the Top Prospect Tournament. Who will be the final man to join QT Marshall, Tadarius Thomas, and Silas Young. The Tag Team Division will explode with an eight man tag match. The television title situation will continue to develop. What will happen when the Women of Honor return to action?

We are in Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer.

Truth Martini is at the announce table to join Kevin and Caleb for the Top Prospect Tournament.

Match Number One: Matt Taven versus ACH in a Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match

They lock up and Taven works on the wrist and ACH with a reversal. Taven with a cartwheel to counter. ACH with an arm drag but Taven blocks a second one. ACH with a rollup after escaping a suplex attempt. Taven with a punch but ACH with a clothesline and he goes to the apron. Taven with a springboard kick to knock ACH off the apron.

Taven with a pescado onto ACH. Taven goes up top but ACH moves when Taven misses a cross body. ACH with a kick and then he misses a charge into the corner. ACH and Taven flip around the ring and Taven with a moonsault onto ACH. Taven sends ACH to the apron and ACH with a scissors kick followed by a baseball slide to Taven and a flip dive onto Taven.

ACH rolls Taven back into the ring and he gets a near fall. ACH with forearms to Taven but Taven with a bck heel kick. ACH with a kick to the knee and head followed by a flatline for a near fall. ACH with forearms and a back elbow followed by another forearm. Taven with a back round kick but ACH with a slap. Taven with a bicycle kick for a near fall.

Taven goes up top but ACH grabs the leg. Taven punches ACH but ACH with a running kick to the hdead and Taven goes to the mat. ACH gets a near fall. ACH tries for a suplex but Taven puts ACH on the ropes and hits a swinging neck breaker and then he goes up top for a frog splash and the three count.

Winner: Matt Taven (Advances to face Silas Young in the semi-finals)

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and he brings out the Ring of Honor Television Champion Adam Cole. Nigel also brings out Matt Hardy.

Nigel tells both men that he brought them out because they both wanted a match against each other. Nigel is going to give them his decision.

Nigel Matthew wants the match because he beat Adam at Final Battle and deserves a title match. On the other hand, Adam wants the match because of the way that Matt beat him at Final Battle. Nigel says that he is not going to give Matt a title match. Matt beat Adam, but he had to kick hi in the nuts to win the match. He tells Matt that is not how it is done in Ring of Honor and Matt is better than that.

Nigel says that he will give them the match, but it will not be for the television title. If Matt wants a shot at the title, he needs to win clean in the middle of the ring in this match.

Matt says that he is going to decline Nigel’s offer because he has nothing to prove to Adam Cole. He beat Adam clean in the middle of the ring with a textbook small package. Matt says that he should be awarded the television title. Matt says that he has nothing to prove to this kid. He beat Adam already. Unless Adam or Nigel put the title on the line, he has nothing else to prove.

Adam tells Matt that he wants to make something really crystal clear and he calls Matt Mr. Washed Up. Anywhere that Matt wants a title match, he has no problem putting it on the line. Adam insists that their next match is for the television title.

Nigel asks Adam if his contract says ‘match maker’. Nigel tells Adam that he is the match maker and he decides who wrestles who and for what. When he says that it is not for the television title, it will not be for the television title. Matt has to prove it to him that he deserves a television title match.

Matt continues to say that he has nothing to prove and he reminds Nigel and everyone that he is a former ECW champion, an eight time WWE Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, Cruiserweight Champion, and the Hardcore Champion. Every promotion that he has worked for, he has been a champion. He does not know Nigel’s prejudice against him.

Matt says that he knows why Nigel won’t give him a title match. It is because Nigel is jealous and envious of Matt Hardy. Nigel has some power and he thinks he can flex it. Nigel never had or never would have the career that Matt had. Matt says that while he was wrestling in Madison Square Garden, Nigel was wrestling in flea markets, armories, and high school gyms.

Matt says that Nigel is jealous of his popularity, bank accounts, and everything that Matt has. He is envious of the career that he has and continues to have.

Adam takes the mic and he tells Matt not to dare. He says that he knows that Nigel does not need anyone to defend him, but Nigel has dedicated so much to Ring of Honor. He has earned the respect of everyone in the locker room. He wants to know if Matt can say the same. The answer is no.

If Matt needs a reason without the television title on the line, he will give him one. Cole punches Matt and they fight around the ring. Nigel calls for security and they separate Cole and Hardy.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Inside Ring of Honor. This week, we look at the Top Prospect Tournament, a big show in Cincinnati, and a match signed for the 11th Anniversary Show in Chicago Ridge.

The first topic is the Top Prospect Tournament and QT Marshall, Tadarius Thomas, Silas Young, and Matt Taven.

Joining Kevin in the Inside Ring of Honor studios is Truth Martini. Truth says that this is the hottest thing in Ring of Honor. Kevin asks Truth about Tadarius Thomas. Truth says that he knew that Thomas was going to win. Tadarius does things that he has never seen before.

Truth says that Silas Young is silent, but dangerous.

Truth says that QT Marshall might have something there, but he thinks that QT’s manager might be a little off.

Truth says that Matt Taven is a bit controversial, but he might be missing something.

Truth takes off his pants and he says that it is for his Hoopla Hotties.

Ring of Honor will be in Cincinnati on February 16th. In the main event, there will be a six man elimination match with Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and Steve Corino facing a team of ‘ROH All Stars’. Their opponents will be Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, and Davey Richards.

We go to the All Stars in the locker room. Davey says that they are all stars. The matches he had with Elgin and Cole showed that they were stars. Cole says that they might be at a disadvantage because they have never worked before, but they all want to get rid of S.C.U.M.

Elgin says that he has not played well with others, but if he wants anyone at his side, he wants Cole and Davey.

Davey says that this is their first time tagging and their last time tagging together.

It is official. As a result of the gauntlet last week on television, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly will face The Briscoes for the tag titles at the 11th Anniversary Show on March 2nd.

Bobby and Kyle are in the locker room. Bobby asks Kyle what they have accomplished so far. They won the gauntlet, beating the American Wolves. Now they face Dem Boys. Bobby wants to know where the word ‘Dem’ is in the dictionary.

Kyle says that all joking aside, eight title reigns is very impressive, but after Chicago, it will be eight title losses.

Also on the 11th Anniversary Show, Jay Lethal gets his title match against Kevin Steen. Roderick Strong faces Michael Elgin in a two-out-of-three falls match. Adam Cole will defend the Television Title against the winner of the Top Prospect Tournament. More matches will be added as we get closer to the iPPV.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Mark Briscoe, and Jay Briscoe in the back. They are talking about their eight man tag match later tonight. Caprice preaches and motivates his tag team partners.

Veda Scott joins Kevin and Caleb at the announce table.

Match Number Two: Athena versus MsChif

They lock up and Athena with an arm scissors take down. Athena with a springboard cross body for a near fall. MsChif with a forearm and she wraps up Athena and hits a gutbuster for a near fall. Stuff goes on in the ring while we see shots of the commentators. We return to the ring and see MsChif give Athena a drop toe hold.

MsChif with a rollup and bridge for a near fall. Athena with a savate kick and a bicycle kick but she misses a round kick. MsChif with a leg sweep and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Athena with forearms. Athena with a handspring back heel kick and she gets a near fall.

MsChif with an Irish whip and forearms to the back. MsChif with boots to the back. MsChif gets a near fall. MsChif with an Irish whip but Athena goes to the apron. Athena goes up top and hits the O Face and both women are down. Athena gets a near fall when MsChif gets her foot on the rope.

Both women are on the apron and MsChif with forearms. Athena with a savate kick that sends MsChif back into the ring. Athena goes up top again but MsChif stops her. Athena with punches from the turnbuckles but MsChif pulls Athena to the mat and puts her in the ropes. MsChif with forearms and head butts followed by Obliteration for the three count.


We go to commercial.

We are back and Jay Lethal is at the announce table with Kevin and Caleb.

Match Number Three: Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander versus Rhino, Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, and Kevin Steen

Mark makes a line in the middle of the ring and Steen goes in motion as if he was in the CFL and all eight men brawl in the ring. Jay and Steen go to the floor to battle. All eight men are on the floor now. Rhino with forearms to Mark. Caprice chops Jacobs against the ropes on the apron.

Mark and Rhino are in the ring and Mark with chops while Steen starts to sing O Canada before sending Jay into the guardrails. Steen with a forearm to Mark. Rhino with a forearm to Coleman and Jacobs tags over. Jay sends Steen into the guardrails. Rhino chokes Jay while Coleman hits a drop kick on Jacobs in the ring.

Steen sends Mark head first into the guardrails. Jay with a kick to Steen and then Jay goes after Corino. Jay rolls Corino into the ring while Coleman kicks Steen. Corino begs off Jay and he offers his hand. Jay wants to know if Steve is serious. Corino tries for a kick but Jay blocks it and sends him to the floor.

Jay chokes Corino with a confederate flag. Steen and Rhino work over Coleman. Corino and Jay are in the ring while Rhino Irish whips Mark into the guardrails. Jay with jabs to Steve followed by a running boot to the head. Jay with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Corino. Rhino with a TKO to Jay and he raises his arms to celebrate.

Coleman and Rhino exchange punches and he sends Caprice to the floor. Corino with a punch to Jay and it appears that order is restored. Jacobs tags in and he connects with a forearm from the turnbuckles as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rhino works over Jay with forearms. Corino tags in and he kicks Jay. Steve punches Mark on the apron and then Jacobs joins in to double team Jay while the main referee is distracted. Steen tags in and he chokes Jay. Corino chokes Jay with some tape. Steen stands on Jay’s chest.

Jay punches Steen but Steen with a knee. Steen backs Jay into the corner and Corino tags in and he yells at Steve. Corino chokes Jay in the ropes and Steen with a punch from the apron. Rhino punches Jay while Corino holds him and then he tries to draw Mark into the ring to allow Jacobs to pulls Jay into his corner. Steen punches Jay and Irish whips him into the corner.

Jay with a flatline into the turnbuckle and both men are down. Mark tags in and he punches Corino and Jacobs. Mark with chops aplenty and then he is punched by Rhino and he raises his arms. Coleman hits Rhino from behind and Corino stops him. Coleman with a double drop kick to Rhino and Corino. Steen hits Coleman from behind and then Mark comes in and hits a Saito suplex.

Alexander tags in and him and Coleman go with a high/low combination. Alexander gets a near fall. Mark kicks Corino and sends him to the floor. Rhino sends Coleman into the guardrails and everyone but Steen and Jay are outside the ring. Steen sends Jay to the floor. Steen goes to the apron and then he goes up top and hits a senton onto everyone on the floor.

Steen sends Alexander into the ring and misses a charge into the corner. Steen sends Alexander to the apron. Alexander with a springboard DDT and gets a near fall but Jacobs breaks it up. Jacobs sends Alexander to the floor and then Jay hits Jacobs. The Briscoes get Jacobs up for the Doomsday Device but Corino takes care of Mark. Jacobs with the Contra Code on Jay. Corino with a sliding clothesline to Jay. Rhino with a GORE to Coleman. Alexander misses a springboard move and Corino wants Rhino to hit a GORE but Steen hits the package piledriver for the three count.

Winners: Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino, and Kevin Steen

After the match, Steen leaves the ring and goes to the back while Corino, Jacobs, and Rhino remain in the ring.

We go to credits.

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