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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-09 07:50:34

February 9th

On this day in history in ....

1953 - Mars Bennett defeats Betty Hawkins in Tampa, Florida to win the NWA Florida Women's Title.

1972 - WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeats Fred Blassie in a steel cage match at the Civic Center in Baltimore, Maryland by escaping over the top of the cage.  The match had been promoted with the concept that Blassie had invented the cage match and was "unbeatable" in it.

1980 - Former WWE Diva Shelly "Ariel" Martinez was born.

1982 - The Midnight Rider (the suspended Dusty Rhodes under a mask) defeats Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in Tampa, Florida. However, after the match, NWA President Bob Geigel demanded that the Midnight Rider unmask. If Rhodes revealed it was him under the mask, he would have been banned for life, so he refused, and instead gave up the NWA Championship, which was returned to Flair.

1985 - WWF held a unique show at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland.  The entire show was made up of five tag team matches, followed by a tag team battle royale with all of the teams that had competed on the show.  Here are the results from the event:
- Jimmy Snuka & Blackjack Mulligan defeated Brutus Beefcake & Johnny Valiant.
- Magnificent Muraco & Mr. Fuji defeated SD Jones & George Wells.
- Hulk Hogan & Hillbilly Jim defeated Moondog Rex & Moondog Spot.
- The Iron Shiek & Nikolai Volkoff defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo in a non-title match.
- Roddy Piper & Cowboy Bob Orton defeated Jack & Jerry Brisco.
- Hulk Hogan & Hillbilly Jim won a 10-team battle royale.

1998 - Rick & Scott Steiner defeat The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship during a live edition of Nitro in El Paso, Texas. It ended Hall and Nash's second run with the belts, and began the Steiner Brothers fifth reign as champions.

2002 - Orlando Jordan defeats The Bruiser to win the Maryland Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title, ending Bruiser's fourth title reign.

2004 - During an edition of Raw from Portland, Oregon, Chris Benoit defeated Ric Flair with the Crippler Crossface.  After the match, Benoit and Triple H were going to sign the contract for their Wrestlemania 20 World Title match.  However, Shawn Michaels superkicked Benoit before he could sign it, and instead signed his own name to the contract, setting up the three-way match that would main event Wrestlemania 20.

2007 - WWE issued the following:

WWE(R) Names Michael Sileck Chief Operating Officer
Friday February 9, 12:52 pm ET

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. today named Chief Financial Officer Michael Sileck as its new Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Sileck will be responsible for managing all of WWE's global business operations. He will report to Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman.

Frank Serpe, Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Accounting Officer, will serve as acting CFO.

"Mike is a proven asset to WWE," said Linda McMahon, CEO. "He has the financial savvy and operational experience to execute WWE's strategic vision and further our penetration of global markets."

Mrs. McMahon said that Sileck's appointment will allow her to focus on the strategic growth of the company by building stronger business and government associations on a global basis and by identifying and developing new business opportunities.

Sileck joined WWE in May 2005 as its Chief Financial Officer. He is a member of the company's Board of Directors.

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: WWE), can be found at and For information on our global activities, go to

Trademarks: All World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, and logos are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

2008 - WWE signed Angela Fong, who appeared on the main roster as Savannah.

2009 - The Times-Colonist in Canada reported that the couple who got into a physical confrontation with Chris Jericho in British Columbia, had been arrested.  20-year-old Ashley Levey, the woman involved is claiming the incident was sparked by an alleged racist comment made by the former WWE champion.  Levey told the newspaper that her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, heckled Jericho as he was driving away.  Her version of events is that Jericho got out of his vehicle, and made a racist comment to Johl, who is Asian. She also claimed Jericho shoved Johl, which led her to calling him a racist, at which point Jericho spit and punched her.
Both Levey and Johl were arrested but were later released without charges filed.  Levey commented to the newspaper that she wanted Jericho charged with assault.

2009 - World Wrestling Entertainment signed second generation talent Tavita Fifita, the son of former WWF and WCW star Haku.  He would make it to the main roster as Camacho.

2009 - Due to ongoing economic issues with MyNetworkTV, parent company NewsCorp announced today that they were dropping the broadcast channel's network status and would be re-branding the outlet under the term "Hybrid Programming."  What this basically meant in layman's terms was that they suspended all original programming, with the exception of WWE's Friday Night Smackdown. The remainder of the programming on Mondays to Fridays will be made up of repeat material, while Saturday programming will be farmed out to the local affiliates to fill.  The network launched in 2006 to fill the void created when the WB and UPN Networks merged. In terms of ratings, the network had never done well, although it began to pick up steam with the addition of Smackdown this past October.
WWE sent out the following press release in response to the changes:

    STAMFORD, CT – February 9, 2009 – In light of today’s announcement by MyNetworkTV, World Wrestling Entertainment® officials are certain that SmackDown has a bright future.

    WWE SmackDown, airing on Friday nights at 8:00/7:00 PM Central on MyNetworkTV, is the number one program on Friday nights on all broadcast television for males under the age of 50, including the key advertiser demos, M12-17 and M18-34.

    WWE SmackDown will enter its 10th consecutive year this Fall, attesting to the popularity and longevity of the brand.

    Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment Inc (NYSE: WWE) can be found at and For information on our global activities, go to

The Associated Press reported the following on the MyNetworkTV changes as well:

    NEW YORK (AP) - In a sign of the economic times, My Network TV says it will essentially become a rerun network next fall except for professional wrestling.

    The move shows how the tough advertising climate is affecting television. Instead of developing new programs, it will show reruns of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and other series.

    My Network TV will also stop programming on Saturday nights, leaving that night to their affiliates and owned stations.

2009 - WWE announced the following:


STAMFORD, Conn., February 9, 2008 – World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. has named Michelle D. Wilson as Executive Vice President, Marketing.  In her new role, Wilson will head WWE’s global marketing and integrated brand initiatives, including pay-per-view, advertising, promotions, research, creative services, and public and government relations.

“Michelle brings a unique combination of sports, entertainment and brand marketing experience to WWE,” said Linda McMahon, CEO, World Wrestling Entertainment.  “She will be a key player in furthering the WWE brand and bringing great value to our network, advertising and promotional partners.”

As the former Chief Marketing Officer of the United States Tennis Association, she was instrumental in making the US Open the highest attended annual sporting event in the world.  She developed innovative advertising and promotional campaigns -- It’s Showtime and The Greatest Road Trip in Sports -- that significantly elevated the image and awareness of tennis in the United States resulting in record television viewership and ticket sales.  Wilson was also a pivotal player in the implementation of several innovations for the sport, including in-stadium video screens, blue courts, instant replay, celebrity entertainment and the 2004 launch of the Olympus US Open Series.

Prior to the USTA, Wilson oversaw all marketing efforts for the launch of the XFL football league, a partnership between WWE and NBC.  She also held positions at the NBA in its domestic and international consumer products groups. Before her career in the sports industry, Wilson held brand management positions at Nabisco.


2009 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

The Super Bowl of professional wrestling is just under two months away and the next pay per view offering will follow the Super Bowl of auto racing. What will happen tonight during Raw with the return of Ric Flair. Will he address Chris Jericho about Chris’s comments regarding Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of Randy the Ram in The Wrestler? Will Ric Flair discuss proper roadside behavior? What is next for the Legacy after their sneak attack on Shane McMahon? Will Stephanie seek revenge for what they did to her brother other than what she negotiated last week? What will happen when The Undertaker returns to Raw and faces Randy Orton? Will Bradshaw and Shawn Michaels discuss their match on Sunday? Will there be any new developments with the Elimination Chamber match? Will we find out any more inductees to the WWE Hall of Fame (at least an official announcement)? Will any more matches be announced for the pay per view?

We are live from Oakland, California and your announcers are Michael ‘Crossing Guard’ Cole and Jerry ‘If Bradshaw needs another employee who had financial problems, I am sure Hammer is available’ Lawler.

Ric Flair comes to the ring and he woooos and says that he misses everyone. He points out that he was fighting for his career at this time last year. The time came for him to retire and it took place at Wrestlemania 24. He faced the great Shawn Michaels and he couldn’t have lost to a man he respected more.

Chris Jericho comes out and tells Flair that this is enough and he will not let Flair wax nostalgic about his career and waste air time. Jericho says that he has a comment for Flair and he wants Ric to think about last year and the night after Wrestlemania when he said goodbye to the business for good. We see footage from last year when Flair and Jericho hugged. Jericho says that he hugged Flair out of respect, but if he had known that Flair would prostitute himself for any two bit promoter or hog the spotlight and set a bad example for the current generation of wrestlers, he would have slapped Flair in the face.

Flair says that if he would have known that Jericho was a condescending punk who was insecure with himself. Flair says that he has never sold out and he will never wrestle again. Flair says that he is losing respect for Jericho by the minute. Flair says that he respects everyone in the crowd. Jericho does not believe that Flair respects the hypocrites because he knows that Flair will appear for any promoter. Jericho says that Flair is the problem because he has to be the center of attention. Flair says that he has to be the center of attention. He will never retire from the business. He wants to take pictures with the fans and tells stories. He will never let Jericho tell him how to run his life because he can.

Jericho tells Flair that when you are an honest person like him, it is his business because he is a locker room leader. The people in the locker room respect him more than Flair. Jericho says that Flair can pat himself on the back for not getting back into the ring yet, but Flair cannot leave the business without any dignity. Jericho says that Flair has missed the point of the movie The Wrestler because the fans couldn’t care about him. As soon as the show is over, they are going to post their photos on Facebook and then forget about Flair forever. Jericho says that Flair will end up like Mickey Rourke’s character but there is no director to say cut. Jericho says that he will be the one to tell Flair to cut and to stop letting the people leech off of him. Jericho wants Flair to tell the fans that he is better than they are.

Flair tells Jericho no. Jericho tells Flair to have it his way. Jericho tells the fans if they want to see a clown who falls on his face for your entertainment, because they can take their pictures of Flair. Jericho tells Flair to do all of his tricks like a good little dog. Every picture is a reminder of how low Flair has gotten. Jericho tells Flair that he has no one to blame but himself. Flair slaps Jericho and Jericho leaves the ring. Flair takes off the jacket and then he hits the ropes and struts.

We take a look back at last week’s announcement that Randy Orton will face Shane McMahon at No Way Out and the events that led to Orton’s match with the Undertaker tonight.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Jillian Hall and Beth Phoenix with Santino Marella and Rosa Mendez versus Melina and Kelly Kelly
Kelly and Jillian start things off and Jillian works on the arm and throws Kelly to the mat. Kelly gets flipped by Jillian and Kelly with a drop kick. Kelly with an arm bar and Melina is tagged in. Melina with a kick and then Melina punches Jillian and then drops knees to the midsection. Jillian with a punch and then Beth pulls Melina down by the hair. Jillian with kicks and then Beth is tagged in. Beth punches Melina and gets a near fall. Beth with boots to the midsection followed by a slam but she misses a leg drop. Melina with punches and forearms. Melina avoids a clothesline and then Melina with a kick that turns into a split. Melina with a spin kick for a near fall. Jillian pulls Melina’s hair but Melina pulls Jillian into the ring. Melina goes after Rosa but that backfires and then Beth hits the Implant Driver for the three count.
Winner: Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall

It is time to take a look back at Wrestlemania III.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to hype the sales of the WWE CD.

Bradshaw puts on his jacket and Shawn Michaels enters. Bradshaw reminds Shawn about their ‘All or Nothing’ Match. Shawn says that it would not slip his mind. Bradshaw reminds Shawn that he is still his employee so he still controls his matches. Tonight Shawn will have a tune-up against Mark Henry.

Randy Orton comes out with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes and Randy has something to say. Randy says that lost in the controversy surrounding the McMahon family and him is that he won the Royal Rumble. That means that he will main event Wrestlemania against the WWE or World Champion, the choice is up to him. Randy says that he has not stopped thinking about it. Randy says that he will be champion. Randy says that nobody and nothing can stand in his way. Not Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, nor Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie has been intimidated because she thought that he would punt her on Raw last week. Randy says that he was never going to do that. He wanted to show Shane what could have happened if he wanted it to happen. Why would he want to hurt Stephanie McMahon. He wants Stephanie to be around to see what happens when he takes out another member of her family. Randy says that the Undertaker couldn’t stop him at the Royal Rumble and he will not stop him tonight. If the Undertaker cannot beat him, what kind of a chance does Shane think he has. We see Orton talking to Rhodes and DiBiase and they go to the ring for their match.

Match Number Two: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase versus Cryme Tyme
Shad with a forearm to Cody followed by one to Ted. Shad sends Cody into the corner and he connects with a forearm and a biel. Shad with a forearm but Cody with a boot to Shad and Ted is tagged in and Shad does not realize it. Ted with forearms to Shad along with a few elbows. Cody is tagged back in and he punches Shad. Cody with forearms and kicks to Shad and then Ted is tagged back in. Cody returns and then he sends Shad into the turnbuckles. Ted is tagged back in and he puts Shad in a cravate followed by a kick. Ted with an arm bar and crossface. Shad with an arm drag but Shad blocks a kick and pushes Ted away. Cody and JTG tag in and JTG with a clothesline and flying shoulder tackle. JTG with the Mug Shot for a near fall. All four are in and Shad tries to throw DiBiase to the floor. Shad goes over the top rope and then Rhodes hits JTG from behind and hits Crossroads for the three count.
Winner: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

We see footage of John Cena at a Gillette event.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Kane, Mike Knox, and Chris Jericho versus John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston
The match is joined in progress and Kane with a snap mare to Kane. Kofi with a drop kick to the knees and a kick to the face followed by a cross body and kick to the head. Kofi with the leg drop to the chest for a near fall. Kofi with kicks to the leg but Kane blocks the kick and he pushes Kofi away. Kane with a clothesline to Kane and then Knox is tagged in. Knox kicks Kofi followed by an elbow to the head and a reverse chin lock. Knox with an Irish whip and Kofi with a kick to the back. Cena tags in and he hits two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he hits it. Cena sets for the FU and Kane punches Cena while the referee deals with Jericho. Knox kicks Cena and throws him to the floor. Kane runs Cena into the apron while the referee keeps Kofi in the corner. Knox punches Cena in the head and then Kane is tagged in. Kane with an uppercut and then he kicks Cena. Jericho is tagged in and he catapults Cena into the bottom rope. Cena with punches but Jericho with a flapjack for a near fall. Jericho with an arm bar and reverse chin lock combination. Cena gets Jericho up for the FU but Jericho counters and then he tags in Kane. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline for a near fall. Kane with a reverse chin lock. Cena with a kick but Kane with a side slam for a near fall. Kane signals for a choke slam but Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Kane. Rey and Jericho are tagged in and Rey with a springboard seated senton and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Rey with a bulldog for a near fall but Knox breaks up the cover. Rey punches Knox and then Knox misses Rey and goes over the top rope to the floor. Rey with a drop toe hold that sends Jericho into the courner. Kofi sends Rey into Jericho but Kane pulls Rey over the top to the floor. Kofi tries for a springboard cross body but Jericho with a Codebreaker for the three count.
Winners: Kane, Chris Jericho, and Mike Knox

Stephanie McMahon is on the phone and she says that she knows what she is doing. She says that she is not provoking Randy Orton by showing up to be the General Manager on Raw. Stephanie says that she does not trust Orton and says that security is nearby. Stephanie says that they have a lot going on this weekend.

Shawn Michaels is walking in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Last week’s announcement of the match between Shawn Michaels and John Bradshaw Layfield for No Way Out with Shawn’s intellectual property on the line.

Match Number Four: Shawn Michaels versus Mark Henry with Tony Atlas
Before the match starts, Bradshaw comes out to watch his employee/opponent in the ring.

Michaels goes after Henry before the bell rings and the referee warns Michaels. Michaels does the same once the bell rings. Henry wants to know what is wrong with Michaels. Michaels with a drop toe hold and Henry goes to the floor. Michaels follows after Henry to the floor. Henry tries to send Michaels into the ring post but it backfires. Shawn gets a steel chair while Tony Atlas talks to the referee. Shawn Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music into the chair and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Mark Henry by disqualification

After the match, Bradshaw gets on the mic and he reminds Shawn that if he gets disqualified, he loses and the name Heartbreak Kid will be owned by Layfield Industries. He says that what Mickey Mouse is to Disney, Shawn’s name will mean the same to him. Bradshaw suggests that Shawn bring his wife to the pay per view to see how she reacts to seeing a broken down man. Bradshaw tells Shawn that he will always have a place in his office for a beautiful lady.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Last week’s mixed tag match that saw Regal pin Punk.

Match Number Five: CM Punk versus William Regal with Layla for the Intercontinental Title
Regal with a knee that staggers Punk and Regal gets a near fall. Regal with more knees and punches that back Punk into the corner. Punk with a kick and back kick and then he runs Regal into the corner. Punk with Kawada kicks to Regal. Punk gets Regal up for the Go To Sleep but Regal gets out of the hold and then Regal gets a near fall. Regal with a reverse chin lock with Punk’s arm to add to the pressure on the neck. Punk tries for a sunset flip but Regal with a head butt. Regal with elbows to the head. Regal with a head and arm suplex followed by an Exploder suplex. Regal waits for Punk to get up but Punk with a roundhouse kick. Punk gets Regal up for the Go To Sleep and hits it and gets the three count.
Winner: CM Punk

It is time for an Undertaker streak at Wrestlemania video package. We go to Wrestlemania 13 where Taker wrestled Sid Justice. Who will be number seventeen in Houston?

We are back and Lawler and Cole talk about how Mickey Rourke won the BAFTA for Best Actor.

We also take a look back at Mickey Rourke’s friend Ric Flair from earlier tonight when he was in the ring with Chris Jericho.

We go to more video packages as we take a look at what happened between The Legacy and The McMahons.

Randy Orton walks explosively as we go to commercial.

We are back and told how many people watch the WWE each week.

Match Number Six: Randy Orton versus The Undertaker
They lock up and Orton punches Taker but the referee pulls Orton out of the way. That allows Taker to put Orton in the corner and punch him. Taker with a punch and then he clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor. Orton kicks Taker and sends him into the ringside barrier. Taker drops Orton on the top rope and then Taker slams Orton’s head into the apron. Orton goes to the floor and Taker follows after him and hits a clothesline. We go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a side head lock. We see footage from during the commercial of the elevated DDT by Orton. Taker punches Orton and finishes with an uppercut. Orton with a power slam. Orton with the Garvin Stomp for a two count. Orton with another reverse chin lock. Taker with a belly-to-back suplex. Taker and Orton exchange punches and then Taker with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Taker with another Irish whip and it is time for Snake Eyes and the running boot. Taker with the Leg Drop of Death Valley for a two count. Taker sets for the choke slam as he waits for Orton to turn around. Orton with a kick and he tries for the RKO but Taker pushes him off. Taker tries for the tombstone but Rhodes and DiBiase come to the ring. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Undertaker by disqualification

After the match, Taker fights off DiBiase and Rhodes but Orton clips Taker and then he punches Taker while Cody and Ted hold Taker. Orton wants them to let Taker get up as Orton does the RKO pushups, but Shane McMahon comes out and he goes after Orton and DiBiase. Taker choke slams Rhodes. Shane with punches to DiBiase and then Taker with a choke slam to DiBiase. Shane puts Ted in the corner and then he gets a trash can and puts it in front of Ted. Shane points to Randy Orton thinking that Randy is the Wrestlemania sign and then he hits the Van Shaneinator.

2010 - World Wrestling Entertainment held a media event in Tokyo, Japan where Antonio Inoki announced he was officially accepting their invitation to go into the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame class and would be attending the company's Wrestlemania 26 weekend festivities.  WWE's Ed Wells presented Inoki with a Hall of Fame certificate in a ceremony designed to get attention from the Japanese media.

2010 - TNA removed Bobby Lashley from their roster as he left the promotion to dedicate his full attention to his MMA career.

2010 - WWE broadcast the penultimate episode of ECW on Sci Fi.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and your announcers are Josh ‘At least I have the interviewing deal’ Mathews and Byron ‘Find this man a spot on Raw or Smackdown to do announcing’ Saxton.

We start off with the members of ECW in a meeting waiting for Tiffany to arrive. She tells everyone about the fact that ECW is done in two weeks. She says that it is not a bad thing, it is a great thing. She reminds everyone that they are free agents but they can be part of the Next Evolution of the WWE. Tiffany says that she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with everyone but she was proud to be the general manager. Tiffany tells everyone to have a great show and make the next two weeks a chance to impress everyone. She tells everyone to seize the day and have fun. Tiffany then puts on some beads and drinks a Hurricane before leaving.

Zack wants to know where she is going and Tiffany mentions that Mardi Gras is this week and the Saints won the Super Bowl so she is going to party.

We see footage from last night when the Shiz defeated the Straight Edge Society and Generation Next to become the new Unified Tag Team Champions.

Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust versus Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft in a Number One Contender Match for the Unified Tag Titles

Goldust and Barreta start things off and Goldust works on the arm and he punches Barreta and then hits a hip toss before tagging in Yoshi. Yoshi with a chop to Barreta for a near fall. Yoshi continues to work on the arm and he connects with a shoulder tackle. Barreta with a rollup but Yoshi counters with a near fall of his own. Yoshi with an arm drag into an arm bar. Croft tags in after Barreta punches Yoshi in the corner. Croft with punches to Yoshi and he gets a near fall. Croft with a forearm and then he tags Barreta back in. Trent with a running back elbow for a near fall. Barreta with a reverse chin lock followed by a knee and forearm to the back. Barreta with an Irish whip and then Yoshi sends Barreta into the turnbuckles when he charges. Goldust tags in and he hits the drop down uppercut followed by a running boot to the head. Goldust goes after Barreta on the floor and Croft made the blind tag and that allows Croft to clip Goldust when Goldust waits for Barreta to come out of the ropes. Croft does his fist pumping in the air before we go to commercial.

We are back and Barreta tags back in and he continues to work on Goldust’s leg. Croft with a quick tag and he continues to work on Goldust. Goldust with a kick and then his leg gives out when Croft Irish whips him. Croft continues to work on the elg and then when the referee deals with Croft and Yoshi, Barreta slams Goldust’s leg into the apron. Trent tags back in and they make a wish with Goldust before Trent gets a near fall. Trent with an Indian Death Lock on Goldust and Goldust tries to summon the power to escape and he punches Trent to get out of the hold. Barreta with a dragon screw leg whip and Croft punches air on the apron. Croft tags in and he kicks Goldust in the hamstring before dropping a knee to the leg. Goldust with punches to Croft and Barreta but Goldust is sent into the corner as Barreta tags back in and connects with a knee in the corner. Barreta continues to work on the leg and he gets a near fall on Goldust. Croft is tagged back in and he gets a near fall on Goldust for a near fall. Barreta is tagged back in and Trent slingshots in and then he face washes Goldust. Barreta with a step over toe hold but Goldust sends Trent into the corner to escape. Goldust tries to fight out of a front face lock and Trent knocks Yoshi to the floor. Goldust with a back body drop but Yoshi was not on the apron. Trent with a rollup but Goldust with a power slam and then Goldust makes the tag and so does Croft. Yoshi with a drop kick and spinning heel kick to Croft followed by a back body drop and kicks. Yoshi with the double knees followed by a rolling mare into a kick for a near fall. Yoshi goes up top and hits the heel kick but Trent breaks up the cover. Goldust’s leg is fine as he hits a bulldog on Barreta. Yoshi with the round house kick on Croft for the three count.
Winners: Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust

Josh and Byron talk about the tag title match next week and then it is time to be reminded of the first official inductee into the 2010 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame. It is Ted DiBiase.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Ezekiel Jackson with William Regal versus Perry Wallace

Zeke laughs at his opponent as the bell rings and they lock up and Zeke sends Wallace down to the mat. Jackson lets Wallace punch him but Jackson runs Wallace into the turnbuckles and then he punches and kicks Wallace. Jackson with a biel to Wallace and then he waits for Wallace to get up. Jackson with a running clothesline and Wallace is not really moving too well. Jackson with the uranage for the three count.
Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Regal gets on the mic and after hearing a few boos, he says that he hopes the general manager hasn’t fallen too far into her debauchery to listen to him. He says that the ECW Title match at the Royal Rumble was a travesty. He says that he never should have been ejected from ringside. He talks about the bias of the general manager as well as the fans. Regal says that Tiffany’s legacy will be making a travesty of everything and setting back the roles of women in the workplace back 25 years. Regal tells Tiffany that on the final show of ECW, she can do the right thing and give Ezekiel a rematch.

Zeke tells Christian that if he accepts the challenge, his reign as champion will end. Jackson says that as the final ECW champion, it will only be the beginning of the rise of his dominance. He then quotes the Book of Ezekiel.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

It is time to run through the card for the Elimination Chamber.

Byron and Josh talk about the challenge made by Ezekiel Jackson and it is time for Christian’s response. Christian says that he accepts the challenge, but he wants to do it big and as only ECW can. He wants to do it under Extreme Rules.

Before our main event, Shelton Benjamin gets on the mic and he starts off with a cheap pop that Mick Foley would be proud of. Shelton says that when he came to ECW, he was not happy because he was the gold standard and he says that he is too good and too talented for ECW. Then he got kicked in the head by Yoshi Tatsu and got pinned in ten seconds. Shelton says that was his wake up call and he saw the heart and passion from the guys in the back and they earned his respect every week. Shelton says that he made some friends he didn’t expect to make and he did some things that he didn’t expect to do. Shelton joins in with the Who Dats from the fans. Shelton says that he is going to miss everyone in the back with the exception of Vance Archer. Shelton says that Vance is the type of person to shake your hand only to wait to stab you in the back. Shelton reminds them of their No Disqualification match and he says that his last ECW memory will be wiping the smile off Vance’s face and hurting him like no one else has done before.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Shelton Benjamin versus Vance Archer in a No Disqualification and No Count Out Match

They lock up and Benjamin with a side head lock and a shoulder tackle. Archer backs into the corner and Shelton waits for him to emerge. Benjamin with a waist lock and Archer goes to his knees to escape but Benjamin with a side head lock. Benjamin with another shoulder tackle and Archer goes to the floor to regroup. Vance returns to the ring and they lock up again. Archer backs Benjamin into the corner and he punches Shelton and there is nothing the referee can do as Archer adds in some kicks. Benjamin with punches of his own followed by a back elbow. Benjamin with a rollup into a single leg crab. Archer makes it to the ropes and Archer wants Benjamin to release the hold but the referee reminds Archer that it is no disqualification. Archer goes up top but Benjamin with an enzuigiri and Archer goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Archer has a kendo stick and he tries to hit Shelton with it but Shelton uses a chair to block it. Benjamin winds up with the chair but he misses and hits the ring steps. Archer drops Benjamin onto the ringside barrier and he follows it with a boot to the head. Archer punches Benjamin and then he rolls Shelton back into the ring to get a near fall. Archer with a kick to the head and then he kicks Benjamin in the arm. We see Shelton bleeding so the referee pulls Archer off Shelton. We see footage from the commercial break when Benjamin’s head is sent into the announce table.

The match continues and they exchange punches until Shelton gets a second wind. He puts Archer on the top turnbuckle but Archer with a spinebuster slam for a two count. Archer punches Benjamin in the head and then he removes the top turnbuckle. Archer kicks Benjamin in the head and then he pulls Shelton’s arm into the exposed turnbuckle. Archer with punches to the arm and then he puts Benjamin in an arm bar. Benjamin with punches but Archer with a hard Irish whip for a near fall. Archer kicks Shelton in the arm and then he puts Benjamin in a bear hug into a waist lock. Benjamin with elbows and punches but Archer with a kick to the arm. Benjamin with a forearm from the top turnbuckle and then he hits a running shoulder tackle or two. Benjamin with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Archer with a head butt to the ribs and then Benjamin escapes the set up for the inverted DDT to hit a German suplex. Benjamin sets for the Stinger Splash but Archer moves. Benjamin is able to land on the ropes and then he hits a blockbuster followed by Paydirt for the three count.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

2011 - WWE announced Wrestlemania 28 would be held in Miami, Florida with the following:

World Wrestling Entertainment issued the following today:


The Miami-Dade Sports Commission, Miami-Dade County, Miami Dolphins, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and WWE® announced today that Sun Life Stadium, home of the Dolphins and other world-class events, will host WWE’s annual pop culture extravaganza, WrestleMania XXVIII, on Sunday, April 1, 2012.

The announcement was made today at a press conference at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Miami-Dade County Commissioner and Chairman of the Miami-Dade Sports Commission Jose “Pepe” Diaz, Miami-Dade Sports Commission Executive Director Mike Sophia, Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, Former Dolphins Quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino and Miami Dolphins limited partner and Grammy Award Winner Emilio Estefan joined WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and WWE’s Senior Vice President of Special Events John Saboor in making the announcement. WWE Superstars John Cena®, The Miz®, Mark Henry®, Alberto Del Rio™ and WWE Diva Eve™ were also on hand for the announcement.

“Miami has always been the home of first class events, and this event will add to that legacy,” said Jose “Pepe” Diaz, Miami-Dade County Commissioner and Chairman of the Miami-Dade Sports Commission. “Hosting WrestleMania is a huge coup for Miami.”

“On behalf of WWE, I would like to thank Commissioner Diaz and all his colleagues for their support, and the Miami-Dade Sports Commission for graciously rolling out the red carpet to bring WrestleMania to one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. “We look forward to adding WrestleMania to the list of prestigious events held at Sun Life Stadium.”

“For nearly twenty-five years Sun Life Stadium has played host to South Florida’s world class events that provide economic benefit to the entire community,” said Dolphins CEO Mike Dee. “We applaud the efforts of Commissioner Diaz and the Sports Commission on attracting WWE and look forward to an unforgettable WrestleMania in 2012.”

WrestleMania is not just a one day event; it’s a week-long celebration, as visitors from around the world are expected to converge on Miami for WrestleMania Week. Activities will include the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, WrestleMania Axxess, the finals of the WrestleMania Reading Challenge a Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament. The pay-per-view event will be televised to more than 100 countries.

Over the past three years, WrestleMania and the events surrounding it has generated nearly $150 million in cumulative economic impact for the host cities. Last year, 72,219 fans from all 50 states and 26 countries converged on the University of Phoenix Stadium for WrestleMania XXVI.

About WWE
WWE, Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family-friendly, PG content across all of its platforms including television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing. WWE programming is broadcast in more than 145 countries and 30 languages and reaches more than 500 million homes worldwide. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Mexico City.

2012 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

They start off with the most surreal opening video I think I've ever seen on a wrestling show, as they mix in the events of the last few weeks of Impact with footage of Star Wars, and of course Eric Bischoff is Darth Vader and Garett is Luke, while Hulk Hogan has somehow become Qui Gon Jinn. Okay.

Bully Ray kicks off the show and says he doesn't want to talk to James Storm, Sting, or anyone else besides his "good close personal friend" Bobby Roode and tells his "pal" to come out here now. Bubba doesn't have to wait long before the champion makes his way out, but Bubba gets out of the ring and tells the sound guy to cut his music so he can ask Roode some questions. He's been watching Roode's back and he helped Roode out against Storm, but Roode was nowhere to be found when Bubba needed him. Bubba says Roode has held onto the title for two months because Bubba's been saving his butt, and Roode says he's had Bubba's back, but Bubba says that Roode put a knife in it. Roode says Bubba's problem isn't with him, it's with the same guy Roode has a problem with, and that's Sting. Of course Sting's music hits, and he comes out with his cricket bat and his gloves to tell them that to make sure everything stays on the level at Against All Odds, he'll be the special referee. Oh, by the way, Bubba and Roode had better get on the same page because they're facing James Storm and...the insane icon himself, Sting, in tonight's main event.

Hulk Hogan and Garett Bischoff are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

We see a video package lookin back at what's happened so far between AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian leading up to last week when Daniels decided that Kazarian will face Styles at Against All Odds. This leads us right into our opening match...

Christopher Daniels vs AJ styles

Daniels jumps AJ before the bell, but AJ fires back and they go back and forth until Danielscatches AJ unawares with a right hand to the jaw and knocks him on his butt. AJ quickly recovers and dropkicks Daniels out to the floor, then follows after him with a somersault dive over the top rope. AJ sends Daniels into the ring and goes for the Styles Clash, but Daniels blocks and pulls a foreign object out of his boot. The referee sees him and tries to grab whatever it is, so Daniels tosses the object to Kazarian and out of the view of the referee. Daniels backdrops AJ to the apron and hits a clothesline, sending AJ crashing down onto the apron and to the floor. Daniels rolls AJ back into the ring and hits a slingshot legdrop followed by a running clothesline for 2. Daniels locks in a neck vice on AJ, and AJ starts to squirm free so Daniels gets a kneedrop for 2 and then goes back to the neck vice. Crowd is split 50/50 as AJ fights his way out of the neck vice and comes off the ropes right into a leaping enziguiri from Daniels. Daniels covers for 2 and then goes for Angel's Wings, but AJ escapes and hits an enziguiri, and both men are down. Daniels crawls over to the ropes and tells Kazarian to give him the knucks, but Kazarian holds his ground and AJ starts his comeback, hitting the moonsault/deathdrop and then a springboard forearm. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels counters to the uranage and then goes for the BME, AJ moves and hits the Pelle Kick to send Daniels out to the apron. AJ tries to drag Daniels back inside, but Daniels holds the ropes so AJ stomps at him until the referee backs him up and Daniels again yells at Kazarian to give him the knucks. This time Kazarian obliges and Daniels takes a swing, but AJ ducks and goes for a back suplex, accidentally ramming Daniels' foot into the referee's face on the way up, and the referee is stunned just long enough for Daniels to hit AJ with the knucks and get the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Eric Bischoff is backstage telling Gunner that since Hulk Hogan's here to stand by Garett's side, Eric wants Gunner to watch his back kneecap at a time.

Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus come out to share their thoughts with the fans, and Magnus talks about how people say it's so great to come here and perform in the UK, but Magnus has to make a correction: he has nothing against the Scots, the Welsh, or even the Irish...well, mostly. But tonight, they're not in the United Kingdom, they're in England and tonight, even though he's not everyone's favorite, he gets to say that he's come home...oh, and he brought his tag team partner with him. He talks about the Wild Card Tournament and how they got put together by the luck of the draw, and nobody thought it was going to work, but they feel like they proved that theory wrong because they have chemistry and teamwork, they're a well-oiled machine. The fact is that Morgan and Crimson are a team because they're afraid to fight each other, but Magnus and Joe aren't afraid to fight anyone, so at Against All Odds, they're going to defeat them to become the World Tag Team Champions.

Morgan and Crimson hit the ring to confront Joe and Magnus, and all Morgan has to say is that the talking is done. Morgan and Crimson go after Magnus and Joe, dumping Joe to the floor before plowing over Magnus with a double shoulderblock. They go to nail him again, but Joe pulls Magnus out to the floor and then says something that gets bleeped while flipping Morgan and Crimson the bird. Terrific promo segment.

X Division Champion Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley vs Doug Williams

Aries tries to fight both of them at once, but backs off when they close in on him. Williams gets a snapmare on Aries followed by a dropkick to the back of the head by Shelley, then Williams clotheslines Aries to the floor. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread #2 on Williams, but Williams blocks and hits a short clothesline that sends Shelley out to the floor. Aries trips Williams from the floor, but Shelley catches him with a missile dropkick and Aries again goes out to the floor. Shelley goes out after him and Williams hits a dive through the ropes onto Shelley, and Aries quickly slides back inside and hits a dive of his own, then rolls Williams back in and gets a slingshot senton on Williams for 2. Williams responds by unloading with a series of European uppercuts, Aries nails Williams and sits him on the top rope for a superplex, but Shelley grabs Aries and they go at it until Aries sends Shelley crashing into Williams and hits an STO. Aries goes for the pendulum elbow, but Shelley moves out of the way and Aries hits the mat. Williams hits Chaos Theory on Shelley, but Aries runs in and punts Williams in the nads. Aries goes for a brainbuster, but Shelley counters to Sliced Bread #2 and pins the champion.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Shelley builds some momentum going into Against All Odds, but I would have liked to see Williams play a bigger part here.

Hulk Hogan is backstage giving Garett Bischoff a pep talk when Sting walks in and shares a big hug with Hogan. Hogan says it's good to be himself again and he owes Sting for helping him get there, then asks Garett for a moment alone with Sting. Hogan tells Sting that he's doing a great job here and he's gotten the company on track, and he has to kick some people in the butt, but he's getting it done. The only thing Hogan thinks he doesn't understand is what a huge target he's got on his back and how everyone's going to try and cut his legs out from underneath him. After what Sting and the business have done for him, and how they're the only things that have stuck with him all this time...well, wedon't hear the end of that thought because Hogan suddenly notices the cameraman and gets all pissed off as he kicks him out and slams the door.

We go to interviews with the fans as they entered the building earlier tonight, and then we see a clips of Tara and Gail Kim fighting outside the building.

We go to interviews with the fans as they entered the building earlier tonight, and then we see a clips of Tara outside the building taking a video of herself seeing the sights, but then Gail Kim comes up and starts beating the crap out of her. Not literally, since that would be a kind of strange thing to show on Impact. Gail finishes by skee balling Tara through a swinging double door and knocking her out.

Hulk Hogan and Garett Bischoff come out to the ring, and Hogan panders to the crowd for a bit, then says he didn't know what to expect last week since it had been 18 years since he'd been there, but it was just what he thought would happen: the greatest fans in the world and showed him respect and made him realize that Hulkamania was going to live forever. He knows what happens when people dedicate their lives to something and give everything to get ahead and he appreciates everything, but he wants one favor: he wants the fans to take everything they gave him and give it to Garett Bischoff instead because he's known him since he wasa little Hulkamaniac and he's on our side of the coin. All Garett's wanted all his life is to get in the business and prove he can make it as a wrestler, but his father- oh wait, here comes Eric with Gunner. He wants to know who Hulk thinks he is, and what gives him the right to interfere in Eric's family business. Hogan says it's not about Eric anymore, it's about Garett and his future. Eric says that Hogan doesn't have the right,but Hogan says that Bischoff doesn't understand the businessas wellas Hogan thought he did because there's something called the Hulkamania Stroke, and he talked to the Stinger, brother, and Sting gave him the right to book a match at Against All Odds between Garett Bischoff and Gunner, and- again Hogan gets cut off when Gunner attacks Garett as Eric low blows Hogan. Hogan'snot down for long, and he Hulks up, knocks Bischoff out, then grabs Gunner by the ponytail and tosses him out to the floor. Hogan and Garett stalk Eric and Hogan holds Eric so Garett can knock him out with a big right hand.

We see a preview of Star Wars Episode I in 3D, then we go backstage where Bully Ray says Roode has no idea how pissed off he is at him, but they need to put things behind them and work as a team tonight because, as Bubba says, Roode's a good tag team wrestler and Bubba is a great tag team wrestler. Bubba sticks his hand out, but Roode says that they don't shake, they hug. Bubba and Roode share a hug, then Bubba says "three days" and walks out.

Hogan and Garett are out back cutting a promo on Eric Bischoff, then it's back to the ring for Knockouts action...

Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

They tie up and Velvet goes to a wristlock, Mickie cartwheels out and sweeps the legs Johnny for 2. Velvet goes to a side headlock, Mickie shoots her into the ropes, and Velvet takes her down with a shoulderblock. Mickie goes for a monkey flip but Velvet blocks and rolls her up for 2. Mickie bridges out and gets a rollup of her own for another 2. Velvet goes for a handshake and Mickie takes it, then pulls Velvet into a series of shoulderblocks and whips her into the corner. Mickie charges into Velvet's boot and then Velvet gets a flying headscissors, but Mickie dropkicks Velvet in the face for 2. Mickie with kicks and shoulderblocks in the corner, then hits a snapmare into a seated abdominal stretch. Mickie rolls it backward into a guillotine for 2, but Velvet gets a chinbreaker and then a series of running clotheslines. Velvet is hurt and can't follow up, but still manages to hit a inverted bulldog for 2. Velvet with a couple offacebreakersbut Mickie takes her out with a clothesline, she goes for the leaping DDT, Velvet escapes and goes for a sunset flip, Mickie tries to squirm out into a seated cradle, but Velvet catches her in a small package for 3.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Well, that was a bit unexpected. Mickie looked shocked that she was beaten by Velvet, and then we go to some scary fans talking about how much they really do love TNA.

We see a video package again showing the fanfare and excitement surrounding TNA's tour of England, and then we go to a video package where Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bully Ray, and Jeff Hardy talk about the main event of Against All Odds and what's motivating them going into the match.

Sting and James Storm are backstage and Sting says it's showtime, then Storm says that Sting once had a dream to become an icon, and that's what Storm wants to do tonight.

It's main event time!

World Champion Bobby Roode & Bully Ray vs James Storm & Sting

Roode and Sting start off and Roode stalls a bunch, then they tie up and Roode takes Sting to the corner and lays in a series of chops and punches that Sting no-sells. Sting whips Roode to the ropes and gets a backdrop, misses a Stinger Splash, but again no-sells the impact and lays Roode out with a clothesline. Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock and Bubba comes in to try and boot Sting in the face, but Sting catches the boot and he and Storm double team Bubba and send him out to the floor with Roode to take a breather as we go to commercial.

We're backand Storm and Bully Ray tag in. Bubba takes Storm to the corner and slowly breaks clean before cheapshotting at him anyway, Storm dodges out of the way and Storm gets a series of armdrags and then unloads with right hands in the corner. Sting tags in and gets a wristlock on Bubba, cranking on the arm until Bubba goes down and Sting stomps on his hand. Storm tags in and gets nailed from the outside by Roode, and then Roode tags in and puts the boots to Storm in the corner before choking him with his boot. Bubba comes in and drills Storm with a big chop to the chest, then pulls the bandages off of his ribs before slamming Storm and hitting a big elbowdrop for 2. Bubba just drills right hands into Storm's ribs, then Roode comes in and works over Storm's ribs some more before getting a rear bearhug. Storm fights his way out but Roode takes him back down and tags out to Bubba, who comes in with a bearhug of his own. Storm boxes Bubba's ears to escape,but comes off the ropes right into Bubba's boot. Bubba picks up the chain and goes to hit Storm with it, but Storm ducks the shot and gets a Russian legsweep. Storm makes the hot tag and Sting comes in like a house of fire, Stinger Splashes for both men, Roode tries to go up top and Sting slams him off. Bubba tries to break up a pinfall attempt but Sting moves and Bubba elbowdrops Roode, then whips Bubba into Roode in the corner, follows up with a Stinger Splash, then Bubba falls backward and Storm gets a leaping enziguiri from the floor so Roode falls headfirst into Bubba's groin. Roode with a spinebuster for 2 on Sting and then tries for the Perfectplex, but Sting blocks and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. He foregoes the cover and instead gets the Scorpion Deathlock, Bubba comes in with the title belt and gets ready to hit Sting, but then stops and tells Roode "see you in three days, champ" before bailing out to the floor and heading up the aisle. Roode has no way out and taps.

Winners: Sting & James Storm

Bubba shoots a dirty look at Roode as he rolls out to the floor and cradles his precious title in his hands, and Sting and Storm celebrate in the ring as we call it a night.

Another solid show this week, though they did a pretty poor job of promoting this weekend's PPV. You would have never known it was this weekend but for a couple of offhand mentions, and it gives you the distinct feeling like PPV is far from TNA's highest priority. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact, Against All Odds, and more on the Stu & Pid Show in the Elite audio section!

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