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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-08 10:00:00
What is the likelihood of seeing HHH and Undertaker team up to take on Brock Lesnar and CM Punk? I've been hearing Taker might not be at 100 percent so with it being a tag match you can have HHH doing most of the heavy lifting, Taker gets the tag every once in awhile as not to make the fans feel cheated, and Punk gets to be in the big match with taker instead of relegated to some irrelevant curtain jerker.

I actually noted this would be my pick for Wrestlemania if they needed a big match for Undertaker and he couldn't do a full fledged singles bout. I haven't heard this is the direction they will be going into but it would make sense on a lot of levels.

OK, so Jeff Hardy signed a new deal with TNA. If that is the case (it could be a work), why is WWE putting him on their website? I think this is all a big ruse to hide Hardy's WWE return!

I think you may need to calm down a bit. Hardy signed a new deal with TNA. They aren't going to help WWE get a storyline over. As far as why WWE put Hardy on their Alumni section, it comes down to this - they want to get impressions for their website, the same as we do. What better way to do that then to spotlight someone with a huge level of popularity?

When the day comes for WWE to induct DX in the hall of fame do you see them leaving Chyna out because of what's happened? I only ask because she was an original part of the group so I wasn't sure if they try and make nice with her or just induct the other members and leave her out.

Chyna does porn. WWE is in the PG business. She won't be there.

First, now that El Generico is officially signed is there any word on what the plans are for him when it comes to his character? Think he will unmask like people believe?

No word yet, but my gut feeling is we won't see El Generico in the character in WWE ever.

Jim Ross announced on twitter that the 3 day tryouts at NXT started today with 30 people attending. Any word on who is there right now for the tryouts?

I had a detailed recap yesterday. A ton of people were there.

With Eve Torres recently leaving WWE, and UFC debuting their woman's division on their February 23rd PPV, do you see her ending up competing in MMA and eventually UFC?

I can see her trying out MMA competition, but whether she is looking to make it a career, I couldn't tell you. If she isn't, no way she does UFC.

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