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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-07 09:09:53
Pro Wrestling Syndicate announced that Big Van Vader will replace Terry Funk as their guest commissioner that weekend for their Wrestlemania weekend iPPV events.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate will return this Saturday 2/9 with a double header of events in Metuchen, NJ. The promotion has already announced that despite a potential blizzard hitting the area, they intend to move forward with the events.

Each event will be broadcast live via iPPV by and will feature:

*Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm in Lynn's New Jersey farewell.

*PWS champion Matt Hardy vs. Kevin Matthews - TLC Match.

*Saved By The Bell's Mr Belding (Dennis Haskins), The Phat Pack, and The Big O vs. Reality Check's Devon Moore, Damian Gibbs, D-Struction, and ???

*PWS Tri-State champion Star Man vs. Alex Reynolds

*Dan Maff vs. Anthony Nese

*AR Fox vs. Bonesaw vs. the debuting 3'4" 75 pound Demo vs. Lance Anoai vs Lucifer Darksyde vs. TDS

*Micah Taylor vs Demonic Juggernaut Apollyon

*Chris Payne vs. Craig Steele

*Black Hollywood vs. Enhancement Talent

*Also scheduled to appear are Awesome Kong, Katarina Leigh, Shelly Martinez, Becky Bayless, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, and more.

That event will be preceded by an afternoon women's event featuring:

*Awesome Kong vs. Amy Lee

*Mia Yim vs. Santana Garrett

*Shelly Martinez vs. Amber O'Neal - Bra & Panties Match

*Niki Nitro vs. Silvie Silver.

*Tracy Taylor vs. La Rosa Negra vs. Mia Svennson

*Miss Adiva vs. Becky Bayless

For more on this weekend's events and PWS' planned Wrestlemania weekend live shows, All future PWS events will be broadcast via iPPV at

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