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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-07 08:56:08
A press release issued this morning announced that AAA Canada presents Next Generation Wrestling will debut on 2/22 in Calgary, Alberta Canada at the Pavilion.

That promotion will be headed by Teddy Hart, playing off of his ties to AAA in Mexico, and is designed to replace the DOA Hart Legacy Wrestling promotion. HLW debuted last month with a live event that was well received artistically but left a number of unpaid wrestlers and others in its wake.

The press release for the 2/22 event, which will be taped for a taped delayed iPPV, promises a tournament to crown the first NGW champion as well as as John Morrison, Necro Butcher, Kevin Nash, Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Harry "DH" Smith), Jack Evans, Konnan and Hart himself appearing.

The promotion also announced a press conference for this afternoon in Calgary at Spolumbo's Fine Foods & Deli with more roster details coming on 2/11.

With a nod to the issues with HLW, the press release noted, "“All talent is confirmed and has been paid in advance, showing good faith by our new financial partners to support Next Generation Wrestling and its fans. There will be no issues, and we are excited that many of the talents that wowed Calgary before will be returning to the ring for this spectacular night of action."

As previously noted, the Hart family was not financially involved with the HLW event.

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