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By Mike Guiry on 2013-02-08 08:20:00

Main Event:
Sheamus pinned Cody Rhodes
Sandow pinned Daniel Bryan after Kane came out and distracted him
The Funkettes beat Tamina and I think Aksana, building on a backstage segment where the 2 divas said they wanted to be Brodus' dancers.

Saturday Slam:
Swagger beat one of the Uso brothers
Kaitlyn defeated Natalya

Big Show came out and complained about Booker T, accused Booker of giving Alberto his hotel information. Said Booker was jealous that Show is still an in-ring performer (setting up a Wrestlemania match maybe?)
Booker told Show he has suspended Alberto Del Rio, but Show has to wrestle Kane tonight.

Cody Rhodes beat Kofi.

Video shows Big Show out back berating his bus driver; Alberto Del Rio is shown lurking in the background.

Khali came out with Hornswoggle & Natalya, defeated Titus O'Neil. Then, Mark Henry came out and bashed Titus around outside the ring, climbed in and scrapped with Khali. Khali got in some offense, but Henry slammed him. (Crowd was pro-Henry chanting "One more time!")

Henry then takes the mic and addresses the beatings he's administered to Rey, Titus and Khali; says the Hall of Pain is now open. Then, he complained about Booker not including him in the Elimination Chamber. It was a pretty good promo, a lot of fire. Booker T comes out. Henry said he's going to keep injuring people until there's no one left and they have to add him to the Chamber. Booker says if Henry beats Randy Orton tonight, he's in the Chamber match.

Big Show KO'd Kane in a kind of quick match.

Alberto interrupts on the big screen, tells Show he's made some changes to Show's bus. Show leaves, goes out back to discover Alberto & Ricardo stole his tires. Then, Del Rio turns Show into the world's largest Oompa Loompa by dumping a 5 gallon bucket of orange paint on him from the top of the bus.

Swagger made Justin Gabriel tap.

Tensai took on Drew McIntyre with 3MB at ringside. Quickly turned into a 3MB beatdown, Tensai wins by DQ. Brodus then comes out for the save. Tensai & Brodus dance.

Cesaro pinned Sin Cara in a short but fun match.

Miz is in the back talking about Brock Lesnar; Cesaro interrupts and the two brawl in the interview area.

In the Smackdown Main Event, Mark Henry blocked an RKO, shoved Orton into the corner and then hit him with the World's Strongest Slam for the win; Henry is in the Chamber match.

After Smackdown ends, a very orange Show comes out and complains about Del Rio; Ricardo & Del Rio come out. Del Rio and Show brawl a little bit; Show brings a chair in, Del Rio gets it and tags Show with it a few times. Show leaves, but not before Ricardo gets a few shots in, too.

OK show, entire upper bowl was tarped off and there were plenty of seats in the lower bowl. Felt like they had more people at the last Raw house show.


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