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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-05 09:27:54

The word making the rounds at Raw last night was that Christian would be back shortly, so for those of you who have been asking about his return from injury, it should be soon.

WWE is taping Smackdown and The Main Event tonight in Jacksonville, Florida. If anyone is attending the taping, we are seeking spoilers.

G.I. Joe: Retribution will be the official sponsor of the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette featured a piece on Bruno Sammartino going into the WWE Hall of Fame at this link. Thanks to our own David Jakielo for passing it on. WWE's video piece on Raw last night about Bruno was just awesome and it's really something to see the two sides finally come together. I really wish the late Georgiann Makropoulos was here to see it as it was something she really would have loved with all her heart. Somewhere, I hope she is smiling.

Paul Jordan sent word that on their Youtube Channel, WWE has uploaded footage from Deep South Wrestling, which is the first time they have utilized material from that former developmental territory in any way. The footage is part of "Zack Ryder's Iced 3" showcasing material for WWE Classics on Demand and shows Ryder and Curt Hawkins working as The Major Brothers in DSW with Matt Striker working as one of the referees.

ContactMusic. featured a piece on Dwayne Johnson's Milk commercial during the Super Bowl. I actually thought that thing was great.

Former WWE star Gene Snitsky has signed on play the lead in a horror film titled "Manhunt" where he plays a former pro wrestler who, while camping with his friends, encounters an inbred, feral man out to kill them all. The story of the film is that the former wrestler, down on his luck for years after a tragedy forces him out of the ring, has to stand tall to save himself and his friends. The film will be shooting shortly.

Chris sent the following....Family reunion this week on Totally Driven Radio Thursday from 8-10 eastern on, as former Dudley Brothers Reunite........... Bay Ragni (Chubby Dudley) and this week's guest.... Lou D'Angeli (Sign Guy Dudley) have a family reunion.......they will talk Dudley's, Lou's other alter ego, Lou E. Dangerously, as well him working with WWE, Cirque du Soleil, some NHL hockey & more !!! Totally Driven Radio airs live Thursdays from 8-10 Eastern Time on

Here is the trailer for The Rock's Fast & Furious 6, which debuted during the Super Bowl:

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