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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-05 08:31:01

Ring of Honor will return to Richmond, Virginia on 4/27 and Belle Vernon, PA on 5/11. Tickets for the events will go on sale tomorrow for the promotion's Ringside Members and Friday to the general public.

The promotion's latest DVD release spotlights Christopher Daniels, who was truly one of the founding fathers of the company. Titled "Christopher Daniels - The Fallen Angel", the set features:

Disc 1

1. Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Low Ki…The Era of Honor Begins 2/23/02

2. Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson…The Round Robin Challenge 3/30/02

3. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki…The Round Robin Challenge 3/30/02

4. Closing minute and post match of Christopher Daniels vs. Donovan Morgan...A Night of Appreciation 4/27/02

5. Clip of Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan vs. The SAT (Tag Title Tournament 1st Round)...Unscripted 9/21/02

6. Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan vs. Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka (Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals)...Unscripted 9/21/02

7. Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan vs. Bryan Danielson & Michael Modest (Tag Title Tournament Finals)… Unscripted 9/21/02

8. Christopher Daniels vs. Doug Williams…Glory By Honor 10/5/02

9. Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, & Donovan Morgan vs. Homicide, Doug Williams & Low Ki (ROH Tag Title Match)… All-Star Extravaganza 11/9/02

10. Christopher Daniels vs. Doug Williams (FWA Word Title/#1 Contender's Trophy Match)… Night of the Champions 3/22/03

11. Christopher Daniels vs. The Amazing Red…Round Robin Challenge II 4/26/03

12. Christopher Daniels vs. Paul London…Round Robin Challenge II 4/26/03

Disc 2

13. Christopher Daniels vs. Xavier (#1 Contender’s Trophy Match)…Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 8/16/03

14. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe (ROH World Title Match)…Glory by Honor II 9/20/03

15. Christopher Daniels & Dan Maff vs. The Great Muta & Arashi…Final Battle 2003 12/27/03

16. Closing few minutes minutes of Christopher Daniels, Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer vs. CM Punk, Colt Cabana, & Ace Steel…The Battle Lines Are Drawn 1/10/04

17. Christopher Daniels Returns….Death Before Dishonor III 6/18/05

18. Closing minutes of Christopher Daniels vs. Colt Cabana…Sign of Dishonor 7/8/05 (Punk interference)

19. Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Hardy…Fate of An Angel 7/16/05

20. Final 15 minutes of Christopher Daniels vs. CM Punk…The Homecoming 7/23/05

21. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe (ROH Pure Title Match)…Night of the Grudges II 8/20/05

22. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki…Tag Wars 2006 1/27/06 (include post match)

23. Christopher Daniels vs. Alex Shelley…Best in the World 3/25/06

24. Christopher Daniels vs. Claudio Castagnoli…The 100th Show 4/22/06

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