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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-04 17:14:27

As those of you who followed along our social media feeds during National Pro Wrestling over the weekend saw, Gabe Sapolsky and Cary Silkin had a quick reunion during the afternoon event. They had a polite discussion on how they were doing and it wasn't a business discussion, so there's no talk of DGUSA and ROH working together or anything like that. Those two couldn't even have that discussion actually, as crazy as that sounds, as Sinclair and Sal Hamaoui would have to be involved.

There are plans to bring John Morrison back in to DGUSA if they can work it out. He showed up last week ready to work hard and had an awesome match with Akira Tozawa, which you can watch at

Sapolsky actually just got over a bad case of the flu.

There are plans to produce a new 60 minute weekly series as part of the Roku launch for

In speaking to him over the weekend, he noted the company was very happy with the recent California loop and is looking to return there before the end of the year.

Uhaa Nation is back from his knee injury, which he suffered Wrestlemania weekend.

There are plans to groom AR Fox as one of the top names of the promotion this year. Sapolsky was very happy with how Fox vs. Shane Strickland represented EVOLVE at NPWD.

The FIP title and promotion will remain separate from DGUSA and EVOLVE currently.

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