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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-07 10:00:00

Watching the Super Bowl got me thinking. The NFL has millions more fans than WWE does, and started their own premium channel years ago, the NFL Network. Now years later, the NFL Network is free on most television service subscriptions. Now with this, how does WWE think that their own premium WWE Network will be able to survive?

WWE feels their fan base would be willing to support the Network. It's that simple. Whether they do or not, we will have to see.

So apparently they had a wrestler's court backstage at the National Pro Wrestling Day with Jimmy Jacobs acting as defense attorney. Is that true, if so what was it about? Plus, isn't it somewhat ridiculous to do this at an indy event like this? I get doing wrestler's court and such if you're part of a promotion that's on the road 300 days a year but this seems a bit much.

It all depends on the situation. If the locker room all agrees that the wrestler "up on charges" needs to adhere to the ruling, then I don't see the big deal if the wrestlers self-govern themselves.

If Eddie Guerrero was still alive, do think he would still be with WWE and do you think he would have had a feud with Del Rio? Thanks again.

I'd like to think that by now, Eddie Guerrero would have been retired and working for WWE in another capacity.

What happens if the weather is so bad they have to pull the plug on Wrestlemania?

I don't think that will happen, but if it does, I guarantee WWE has a hell of a liability insurance policy in place to protect themselves from losses.

Will TNA's non live PPVs be out on DVD?

Yes, the shows will eventually released. They aren't cutting back on DVD releases.

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