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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-05 09:59:00

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Assuming the WrestleMania main event is going to be Rock vs Cena 2, and CM Punk will be left out, what are the chances that Vince is actively keeping Punk out of the main event spot because it's the last thing on Punk's "bucket list?" The idea being that if Punk finally got a true main event (last match) spot on Mania, he'd have no reason to stick around anymore and Vince doesn't want to lose him.

I don't think that would have anything to do with it.  Vince does what he thinks is right for business, whether anyone agrees with him or not!

In my opinion, it is unrealistic for Lesnar to job to anyone. Having said that, Wouldn't it be better for business for him to be booked like a monster, completely dominate, win a title, and then at the end of his contract, put over a rising star? Seems to me this would help to create the Next Main Eventer. Agree? How would you book Brock Lesnar?

Keep one thing in mind, there is only one toughest man in the world.  Everyone else can be beaten.  The problem with booking Brock on a year long title reign is that he has limited dates in his contract, so you would go long periods without your champion on TV.  That just doesn't work.  I like the idea of using him to elevate younger talent, but so far Vince has only wanted to use him with established guys.  A guy like Ryback could get a lot out of beating Lesnar.

What makes your head hurt/IQ drop more: Vince's "vision" for the business, or the completely lame questions you sometimes get (i.e., "How many microphones does WWE have?")?

Definitely Vince since I have to deal with way more of his goofiness!  The mic question was pretty weird though.

My question pertains to CM Punk. He has said publicly that the 1 achievement missing in his career is "headlining Wrestlemaina" with the current plans to be Rock-Cena 2 and Brock/HHH as "co-main events" and Punk facing Undertaker which don't get me wrong is prestigious, but would that be considered a true "main event"? If not do you see him "main eventing" Mania next year or the year after to achieve that goal?

I would hope that in the next few years, Vince would give Punk the top spot.  If the Undertaker can't go this year, Punk really doesn't have a worthy opponent so Vince should put him in with Rock and Cena.

Do you think that the reason that Bo Dallas won on Monday Night Raw last week was because they want to give him the title so Wade Barrett can move up to main event status possibly a feud with Sheamus or being in the World title image?

It is possible I guess.  I think it was done more to get Dallas off to a good start in the company.

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