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By Brian Cannon on 2013-02-03 08:24:32

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, February 2, 2013. Tonight, all the championships were on the line which included the triple threat between Doug Williams, Johnny Spade, & Moose for the OVW Heavyweight Title, as well as the ladder match sequel between Cliff Compton & Jamin Olivencia for the OVW Television Title. Plus, a Stretcher Match as Flash & Trash clashed once again!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

GRUDGE MATCH: "The Ken of OVW, Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling, & King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Howe. Dylan puts Howe in an armbar. Howe fights out and hits a dropkick, followed by 2 arm drags. He slaps Dylan in an armbar, slams him, and drops a rock'n'roll fist. Pin attempt for 2. He punches Dylan in the gut and uppercuts him. A kick to the head and another pin attempt for 2. He slaps him in an armbar again, but Dylan forces him into the corner. Dylan with some fists and chops. He throws him off the ropes, but Howe comes back with a sunset flip and gets the 3! WINNER: HOWE by pinfall. After the match, Dylan attacks Howe from behind and hits 2 big backbreakers. MY TAKE: Howe won the match, but not the war. Will he look for revenge following the post-match attack?
6-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: "VIP" Joe Rosa, Matt King, & Bodyguy vs. Stephon J. Baxter III, "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, & Elvis Pridemoore. Bodyguy puts Stephon in an armbar, but Stephon reverses and puts him in one. He tags Dumeyer who works over the arm, then Elvis tags in and does the same. Stephon tags in again, but Bodyguy takes him down and tags in King. He runs in into a drop toehold followed by a "Did I do that?" from Stephon. Elvis tags in and slams King. Dumeyer tags in and they do a double hip toss on King. Dumeyer delivers some chops and goes to throw King into the opposite corner. King reverses and charges Dumeyer, but eats a boot to the face. Dumeyer with a tackle and looks for his finisher, but a distraction causes King to take advantage and tag in Bodyguy. Bodyguy hits Elvis & Stephon, but Dumeyer crawls between Bodyguy's legs and tags in Stephon. Stephon hits an atomic drop and a butt bump, but VIP blind tagged in. Stephon goes for the pin on Bodyguy, but VIP picks him up and hits a spinning diamond cutter as King & Bodyguy pull Elvis & Dumeyer off the apron, and VIP gets the 1-2-3. WINNERS: VIP, KING, & BODYGUY by pinfall. After the match, the lights go out and when they come back on, the Assassin takes out VIP with a massive clothesline. MY TAKE: This was an unadvertised bonus match and got VIP over as the main star of this match.
Jeremiah Plunkett vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn). Plunkett & Royal lock up and Plunkett throws Royal into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder takedown. Off the ropes again, Royal leaps and gets some air time over Plunkett and arm drags him down. He delivers a chop in each corner and mounts Plunkett in the corner for the 10-count punches. He gets to 6, but his feet slip allowing Plunkett to take advantage and hit a backdrop. Plunkett stomps Royal in the chest and clubs him across the chest. Royal fights back and hits a missile dropkick. It takes a lot out of Royal. Plunkett gets up and picks Royal up by his ears, but Royal spins out and hits the knockout forearm for the pin. WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall. MY TAKE: Royal remains undefeated since his return from heart surgery. Is a title opportunity in his future?
TAG TEAM TURMOIL: The Mascara Mafia: Espy & Paredyse vs. The Mobile Homers: Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (w/Brittany Devore). Ted starts with Espy and locks him in an armbar. Quick tags between Ted & Adam as they work over the arm of Espy. Espy tags out to Paredyse who runs into a drop toehold from Adam. Adam & Ted do a double team suplex/neckbreaker move. Paredyse fights back and the Mafia take control beating Ted down. Paredyse turns his attention to Brittany, calling her a cow. He starts arguing with Adam as Ted takes a swig of rocket fuel from Brittany. Ted fires back and Paredyse says he wants a drink. He gets out and chases Brittany around the ring with Ted, Espy, & Adam joining in. Brittany stops and Paredyse keeps barreling through and crashes over Brittany. Ted & Adam check on Brittany as the ref's count is up to 9. Paredyse rolls in the ring real quick and gets the countout victory. WINNERS: MASCARA MAFIA by countout. After the match, Ted is yelling at Paredyse, and Paredyse says it's her fault for being at ringside and he wouldn't have ran into her if she wasn't such a cow. MY TAKE: We are seeing a much different side to Paredyse. The fans were split on who to root for in this one.
BEST TEAM EVER NO MORE: "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Rudy Switchblade. Jessie & Rudy tell each other to lay down. Jessie does lay down and is shocked when Rudy tries to pin him. Jessie tries a super kick, but Rudy back away and asks him what he is doing. Jessie says it's a special. Rudy says "You think you know a guy." Jessie offers a handshake which Rudy accepts, but Jessie pulls him into a rollup with a handful of tights for 2. Rudy tries to tackle Jessie, but Jessie doesn't budge. He stomps Jessie's foot and tries again, but Jessie ducks, kicks Rudy, and throws him into the ropes. Rudy catches himself in the ropes, and Jessie charges at him. Rudy moves, and Jessie flies to the floor. Rudy leaps over the top rope onto the apron as Jessie crawls back inside. Rudy flips back in rolling Jessie up for 2. Jessie takes the advantage and hammers away on Rudy, before putting him into the abdominal stretch. He hip tosses Rudy and goes for his patented legdrop, but Rudy rolls over to the corner. Jessie goes to grab him, but Rudy rolls him up in a small package for 2. Jessie hammers him in the corner. He throws him in the opposite corner and charges, but Rudy moves, and Jessie hits his head on the top turnbuckle. Rudy runs off the ropes, but Jessie catches him for a side slam with Rudy's legs hitting the referee. Jessie goes out and grabs a chair. He gets in and tosses the chair to Rudy and falls to the mat. Rudy, not to be outdone, hits the chair, and falls to the mat also. The referee gets up and sees both of them down with the chair. He checks on Rudy as Jessie sits up and looks over at Rudy with a "What are you doing" angry face. The ref turns and checks on Jessie as Rudy sits up and points and laughs in Jessie's direction. The ref takes the chair and hands it to the outside. Meanwhile, Rudy & Jessie each dig in their tights for a handful of powder and turn and throw it in each other's eyes as the ref turns and sees them. This one is a double disqualification. MY TAKE: Rudy & Jessie's team may have dissolved, but they still have the same thoughts in the ring. The fans were solidly behind Rudy, even though he acted like he didn't want the fans support.
OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Jamin Olivencia vs. "Mr. Multimedia" Cliff Compton (c). Cliff was sporting his battle wounds from the $5 Wrestling show the night before. He ran out along with Jamin to grab the ladders. They started exchanging blows on the outside. Jamin chopped Cliff, but Cliff rammed Jamin's head into the steps. He set up a ladder across the ring and announce table. Jamin is back and throws Cliff in the ring. He hits his kamikaze splashes, but Cliff catches him and dumps him onto the ladder on the outside (Jamin suffered a cracked sternum from this). Cliff sets up a ladder and starts to climb, but Jamin gets back in and tries to get Cliff off. Cliff rams the ladder into Jamin's head. Jamin comes back again and powerbombs Cliff off. Jamin starts to climb, but Cliff gets back up and backdrops Jamin off. He hammers away on Jamin, and delivers some chops in the corner. He throws Jamin into the opposite corner and as he runs across the ring, Jamin comes out of the corner and hiptosses Cliff onto a ladder bending it. Jamin starts to climb again, but Cliff grabs his foot. Jamin kicks him in the head and turns to jump, but Cliff ducks, and Jamin turns around into a spear. Cliff starts to climb, but Jamin grabs the other ladder and throws it into Cliff's back, knocking him off. Jamin starts to climb again, but Cliff grabs the other TV title and hits Jamin in the back with it, and Jamin falls. Cliff starts climbing, and eventually Jamin starts climbing the other side. They exchange blows and both fall to the mat. Cliff crawls to the other TV title again and tries to hit Jamin, but Jamin ducks and hits the Standing O DDT. He climbs and grabs the belt as Cliff gets up and shoves the ladder causing Jamin to drop the belt into his hands as Jamin crashes into the ropes. WINNER and STILL OVW TV CHAMPION: COMPTON. MY TAKE: Once again, Cliff escapes when it looked like Jamin was going to regain the gold. These ladder matches are brutal. Jamin cracked his sternum and Cliff's head busted back open.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Epiphany vs. Jessie Belle (c). Epiphany dominates and has her way with Jessie Belle throwing her around. She hits some butt thrusts in the corner and 2 big suplexes. Eddie Diamond comes out with Timmy Danger & Bobbi Bardot and says Epiphany is hard to get a hold of. He doesn't want to keep her from her match, but wants her to know "she's his #1, and his chocolate honeybun". The distraction allows Jessie Belle to get back up and kick Epiphany and hit her bulldog finisher for the pin. WINNER and STILL OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION: JESSIE BELLE by pinfall. MY TAKE: I don't think Eddie Diamond scored any brownie points tonight. Essentially, his distraction cost Epiphany the chance to become the new Women's Champion.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Sam Shaw & Alex Silva vs. The Coalition: "General" Crimson & "The He-Man of Homeland Security" Jason Wayne (c) [w/The Wild Cards, Joe Coleman, Jack Black, & Ghillie]. The Coalition come out with camo face paint. Black, Coleman, & the Wild Cards each stand around the ring in each corner. Silva locks Crimson up from behind. Crimson reverses out and locks in an armbar. He tags Wayne. Silva drops Wayne with a drop toehold. He tags Shaw. Shaw locks in an armbar, but Wayne kicks him and tags Crimson. Crimson throws Shaw off the ropes and backflips him, but Shaw lands on his feet. Crimson turns into a dropkick. Crimson back up, charges after Shaw, but Shaw moves and Crimson runs into the turnbuckle. Wayne tries to hit him from the outside, but Shaw dropkicks him off the apron. Shaw turns around into a clothesline from Crimson. He throws Shaw out of the ring and the Coalition gang up on him on the outside while the ref is distracted on the inside. Crimson tags Wayne and he hammers away on Shaw and knocks Silva off the apron. Crimson comes in without a tag and hits a suplex. He tags Wayne. Wayne comes in and does his choking pushups. Crimson back in and puts Shaw in a facelock. Wayne tags back in and kicks Shaw and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. He throws Shaw off the ropes, Shaw ducks, and both men clothesline each other. Both make tags and Silva comes in on fire. He hits a cross body on Crimson and goes for the pin. Wayne comes in to break it up, but Silva moves, and Wayne hits Crimson. Shaw gets back in and both he & Silva do the 10-count punches in the corner. They clothesline Crimson & Wayne over the top rope to the outside and then dive on them. The Coalition moves in, but the ref throws them out of the ringside area. Crimson & Wayne attack Shaw & Silva from behind. They each go for a suplex, but Shaw & Silva maneuver out and each hits a dropkick. Shaw & Wayne fight on the outside, leaving Silva & Crimson inside. Silva goes for the Silva Surfer, but Crimson blocks it and throws Silva off the ropes. Silva holds onto the ropes and rolls Crimson up for 3, but Crimson's feet are in the ropes. Shaw & Silva's music hits and they think they've won. They grab the titles, and Wayne runs in but is clocked by Shaw with one of the titles. The ref calls for the bell and disqualifies Shaw & Silva. Silva is confused thinking he got the 3, not realizing the ref called for a no-pin with Crimson in the ropes. WINNERS and STILL OVW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: COALITION by DQ. MY TAKE: Whether it was an error by the referee or not, Shaw & Silva let the titles slip through their fingers as the Coalition is able to "retreat" with the gold.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: James "Moose" Thomas vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade vs. Doug Williams (c). Moose & Doug lock up, Spade gets on the ropes and jumps off. Moose catches him and flips him over his head into an uppercut from Doug. Moose hits Doug with a shoulder takedown, but Doug hits a drop toehold on Moose into the second turnbuckle. They exchange blows as Spade climbs up to the top and hits a missile dropkick on both men. He hits the high knees on each man in both corners. He dropkicks Moose as he bulldogs Doug. Doug comes back with a back elbow and kicks Spade in the thigh. He goes for Chaos Theory, but Spade elbows out. Moose gets back in and backdrops both men. He locks Spade in the crossface. Spade rolls over and gets a 2 count. Moose throws him ino the corner and delivers some chops. Spade chops back, gets on the second rope, jumps off, but Moose ducks and splashes him in the corner. Moose runs off the ropes, but Doug is up and pulls the rope down and Moose falls to the floor. Doug delivers some forearms to Spade and puts him in a sleeper. Moose gets back in and places Doug in a sleeper, too. Spade delivers a double chinbuster breaking both holds. Moose charges Spade, but Spade moves, and Moose flies to the outside again. Doug catches Spade in an over the head suplex. 2 count. He throws Spade into the turnbuckle and puts him on the top rope. He sets up for a suplex as Moose gets in. Moose backdrops Doug as Doug suplexes Spade. Moose spalshes Doug in the corner, and hits a clothesline. He hits another splash, slams Doug, and delivers a Moose Kick. As the ref comes down for 3, Spade pulls him out of the ring. He yells at Moose and delivers a superkick. Doug comes up from behind Spade and hits Chaos Theory for 3. WINNER and STILL OVW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: WILLIAMS by pinfall. MY TAKE: Doug's title reign looked like it was quickly in jeopardy after just winning it this week. Once again, he got the better of Spade and walks away with the gold.

STRETCHER MATCH: Flash Flanagan (w/Josette Bynum) vs. Trailer Park Trash. Trash runs out and goes right after Flash. Flash gets him in the corner and delivers some chops, but Trash reverses and delivers some chops of his own. He hits Flash with a trash can lid and goes to the outside and sets up a door between the ring and guardrail. He gets back inside where Flash meets him with the trash can lid. He chops him some more and delivers a suplex. Josette gives Flash a chair. Trash fires back, but Flash DDT's him on the chair. He calls for the stretcher, but Trash gets back up and low blows Flash. He delivers a suplex on the chair. He goes to grab Flash, but Flash rolls him up. It doesn't matter, because there are no pins in a stretcher match. Trash grabs the trash can lid and hits Flash in the gut with it. He kicks him in the corner, punches him, and goes to throw him into the opposite corner. Flash reverses. He runs into the corner, where Trash flips him over. Flash lands on the apron, hits Trash and then climbs up and hits a missile dropkick. Josette brings Flash a kendo stick. Flash goes to town, but Trash comes back, gets the kendo stick, and lays into Flash. Trash puts a door in the ring and another chair. He sets the door up across 2 chairs and lays Flash on the door. He hits a top rope legdrop on Flash through the door. He is loaded on the stretcher, but Josette keeps yelling that he's fine, and actually knocks him off. Trash grabs Josette, but Flash gets back up and attacks from behind. He grabs a fan's chair and hits Trash. He chops him hard. Trash fires back with some fists and throws Flash in the ring. He gets a ladder and throws it in. He puts Flash's head in a chair and climbs the ladder. Flash gets up, grabs Trash's foot, and pushes Trash off the ladder and through the door set up on the outside. Trash is loaded on the stretcher, but before he gets through the curtain, stops. Josette starts screaming and hitting Trash, and she is escorted to the back. Trash crawls in the ring and exchanges blows with Flash. Flash throws him off the ropes, and they have a head on collision. Trash gets back up and sets another door up across the chairs. He hits Flash with the kendo stick and Flash falls across the door. He puts Flash's head in the chair again. He goes back up top, but again Josette comes screaming and running out from the back. Flash gets up with the chair and throws it at Trash's head. He goes up top and delivers a suplex from the top through the door on Trash, and Trash is stretchered out. WINNER: FLASH. MY TAKE: Once again, Flash gets the win thanks to Josette's interference. What is the condition of Trailer Park Trash? Will Flash and Josette set their sights on a new target?
A sold-out crowd and another fun night of action. Wednesday's TV tapings should shed more light on Trash's condition and the next challengers for each of the titles.

I also want to say congratulations and good luck to OVW Ring Announcer and Fan Advocate Terry Boddie as he takes a leave of absence while he gets married to his lovely fiancee among other things. Thank you for your support of OVWmania and the fans.

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