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By Nathan Caldwell on 2013-02-03 12:18:56

Zack Ryder def. Conor O'Brian.

Tensai def. Alex Riley Vickie Guerrero (who gets booed like crazy no matter what) came out before the match and changed it to a dance off, Riley said he wasn't going to do it but Tensai was all for it. Riley jumped Tensai while he was dancing and I guess they changed it back into a match. Riley is doing Jericho's rule book gimmick from WCW and complained that he wasn't ready and wanted the match restarted. So Tensai made short work of beating him again. Seems like there was a double turn here with Tensai going face and A-Ry going heel.

Kaitlyn def. Tamina in the world's most boring match.

Team Hell No def. The Shield. Via DQ after a chair shot. At one point Daniel Bryan pulled out the old surfboard move, haven't seen that in a long time so that was cool. After the match Daniel Bryan wanted Kane to apologize for the Rumble but Kane wanted to hug instead, they hugged it out and both lost a little dignity in the process

Jack Swagger def. Justin Gabriel. Nothing special here

Antonio Cesaro def. The Miz in a no DQ match. Vickie came out earlier in the night and announced that the fans could vote between a no DQ match or a 2 out of 3 falls match with twitter or texting. Pretty funny moments when Cesaro teased getting the table out from under the ring then put it back when fans cheered for the table and got a round of boos for that. At one point Miz put the figure-four on and didn't screw it up royally like he did on Raw a few weeks ago so I guess that's a a plus.

Cena and Ryback def. Punk and Ziggler. Cena pinned Ziggler. Typical main event tag match, no Cena promo so that was good. At one point early in the match while Punk was stalling Cena went to ringside and hugged a few little kids in the crowd, for all that's wrong with his promos and matches he loves his fans and probably made those kids nights. Lots and Lots of "Feed Me More" chants, more of those than Cena chants.

They put the merchandise table in a much better location compared to last year and didn't run out of things like they did last year so props to them for improving on that.

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