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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 23:12:16
The National Pro Wrestling Day event closed out with 2 Cold Scorpio defeating ACH in the finals of the Rey de Voladores tournament. After the finish, Roger Artigiani, who had managed the operations of the former ECW Arena (and who had helped facilitate today's events moving at the last minute to the Armory) was introduced and came to the ring.

Artigiani congratulated 2 Cold Scorpio and announced that a banner for him in the Hardcore Hall of Fame will be hung when "The World's Most Famous Bingo Hall reopens."

As we noted a few weeks ago in the Elite section, there have been movements legally to remove current leaseholder Joanna Pang from the venue, which has been ripped down to the bare walls and has been empty and unused for over a year.

The plan is to remodel the venue and open towards the end of 2013. The venue will not be restored to its old look.

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