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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 19:13:53
Welcome to the evening event from National Pro Wrestling Day in Philadelphia, PA at the National Guard Armory! The events are taking place on iPPV and can be ordered now at

We are posting photos from the event on our Instagram site at including a pretty interesting reunion.

Wrestling Is Heart presents Heidi Lovelace & Mat Russo vs. "The League" of Reed Bentley & Tripp Cassidy

The League attacked Lovelace and Russo, who fought them off.  She had some really athletic moves and looked the most impressive of the quartet early.

Cassidy worked over Lovelace and nailed her with a suplex, followed by a forearm smash to the face.  He tagged out to Bentley, who locked in a camel clutch, then smashed down on her back.

They kept beating down Lovelace, including flipping her over in a Pendulum but she kept kicking out.  The crowd got into that.  She finally made the hot tag to Russo, who came off the top with a rear elbow.  Lovelace used a head scissor like move to drill Bentley's head into the mat.  Russo missed a splash off the top on Cassidy.

Lovelace went for a Lucha takedown of some sort but was shoved off and punched hard in the face with a forearm by Bentley, who covered her for the win.

Your winners, Reed Bentley and Tripp Cassidy.

The match was pretty much a spotlight for Lovelace who took some incredible bumps and a beating that Spike Dudley would have cringed at.

The Maximos vs. Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik, presented by Fighting Spirit Wrestling

They started out fast with a hot opening sequence before Ortiz and Draztik took control on Joel Maximo.  Joel slid out of the ring to escap Draztik who followed and was caught following him back into the ring.  Will Maximo tagged in and the SAT hit several double team moves before Will brought him back to the mat with a chinlock.

Ortiz finally tagged in but was trapped in a number of pinfall attempts by Will.  Draztik tagged back in, took control of Will Maximo and nailed a cannonball in the corner.  Draztik continued working over Will with some good offense.

Joel drilled Draztik with a kick and went to DDT him off the apron to the floor but was wiped out when Ortiz hit a tope on him.  Draztik returned to the ring and dropkicked Will  to the floor, then hit a nice moonsault off the buckles to the outside on everyone.

When they returned to the ring, they continued with a good pace with some back and forth action.  Draztik failed with a top rope rana.  Will sent him into the air, where Joel speared him.    Draztik went for a rana off the top but was caught and powerbombed by Joel.  Joel then hit a Kryptonite Krunch on Ortiz.

Will went for a powerbomb but was backdropped over.  Ortiz and Draztik double teamed him.  The Maximos finally hit the Spanish Fly on Ortiz to score the pin.

Your winners, The Maximos!

It started out iffy but it got very good as they went farther along.  Draztik has some real potential.  Ortiz was good.  Solid.

Christina Von Eerie vs. Ezavel

Von Eeris is a substitute for Marti Belle.  She's working heel.  Ezavel, a masked blonde, had control early but was cut off with several kicks to the gut.

Von Eerie controlled the flow of the match and worked over Ezavel with a series of knees to the gut.  She continued cutting off Ezavel until finally she was speared and beaten into the mat.

Ezavel faked out Von Eerie, who sailed through the ropes to the floor.  Ezavel followed and they battled back and forth with forearms.  They fought back into the ring, where Ezavel caught Von Eerie with a sunset flip for the win.

Your winner, Ezavel!

OK match.

After the match, Ezavel was attacked by Von Eerie and choked out with a studded belt. Several officials had to drag Von Eerie off of her.

Resistance Pro presents Jay Bradley & Darcy Dixon vs.  Resistance Pro champion Robert Anthony & Thunder Kitty.

Kitty and Bradley started out  She went for a waistlock from behind but couldn't budge him.  Bradley spun in circles until she let go and fell to the mat, then stomped her.

Dixon and Anthony tagged in.   Anthony grabbed a wristlock but she rolled through and took him down.  He fought to his feet and backed her up into the corner.  She ducked a backhanded and nailed several punches, but was scooped and slammed down.

Thunder Kitty tagged in and they began fighting back and forth with chops and stiff forearms.  Kitty sent Dixon hard into the corner, then nailed her with a rolling cannonball.  Bradley hit the ring and drilled Kitty with a lariat from behind.

Anthony and Bradley went back and forth.  Anthony got free and drilled Dion square in the face with a big boot.  The crowd was shocked at that one.  Bradley sent Anthony into the ropes and drilled him with a back elbow on the rebound. 

He dropped a knee across Anthony's back for a two count but was caught in the gut with a hard shot.  He stomped Anthony off.   Anthony caught him with a death valley driver.  Dixon tagged in and tried to go for a fisherman's buster.  He reversed it but she landed on her feet, which he didn't realize.  Anthony preened to the crowd and when he turned around, she drilled him with a forearm and death valley driver for a two count.   She then nailed him with a powerbomb out of the corner.

Thunder Kitty grabbed Dixon for a loing airplane spin which ended when she fell dizzy.  Dixon tossed her to the outside but was nailed by Anthony.   Bradley tagged in and drilled Anthony, then called for the Boomstick.   Dixon wanted to be tagged in and they had words.  That allowed Anthony to catch him with a small package for the win.

Your winners, Resistance Pro champion Robert Anthony and Thunder Kitty!

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