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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-04 09:59:00

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I was wondering whether the WWE had thought about Ziggler holding both titles at once? Ziggler to win WHC at the elimination chamber, and then he can't cash in against himself, therefore he would have to cash in after Cena wins the inevitable twice in a lifetime match. In my opinion this is one of the only ways to push Ziggler to the next level. A la Jericho, some would say! Could you see this happening?

It would certainly be a great way to elevate Ziggler, something I have been waiting months for WWE to do.  Unfortunately, they just don't seem committed to doing it.  Even when he got the match he has been "training for my whole life" against John Cena, despite help from AJ and Big E., he still lost cleanly.  I just don't see WWE doing what you propose because they haven't shown that kind of commitment to Ziggler.

I love the site and still wear my PWInsider t-shirt with pride. Why do so may people think that Undertaker should never lose at Wrestle mania? I mean Andre even "passed the torch" so why can't Undertaker?

I can only speak for myself.  I think that the streak is special and something that should stay in tact.  But you are right, if he lose clean to someone it would absolutely be a "pass the torch" moment.

I've had this in the back of my mind. Half of me thinks it would absotively posilutely confirm these guys are major players in the fans' eyes, and half of me thinks it's insane. Should "The Streak" end in defeat to The Shield?

 Well, it would have to be one guy beating him for it to really work.  If it was a 3 on 1 the whole way, it wouldn't have the effect.  But if Roman, for example, did most of the heavy lifting and only got a little help from Ambrose and Rollins, yeah it could be an elevating moment.

Do you think fans are to hard on Rock for being a part timer. After all Undertaker is. So is Chris Jericho. So is Brock Lesnar. So is Triple H. And they don't get anywhere near the heat that Rock is at.  So do you think fans and wrestlers are to hard on rock for being part time?

The Rock is a legitimate movie star.  He chooses to wrestle.  WWE is lucky to have him and should make every accommodation that they can for him.  Anyone that rags on Rock for being a part timer just doesn't see the big picture here.  So yes, I think they are acting ridiculously.

So, if Bully Ray does turn out to be the leader of Aces and Eights, does that vault Sting back to the top of the most gullible character in wrestling list given his support for him?

Yes sir, it makes Sting an all day sucker, for sure!

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