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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-03 09:59:00

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What would you say about an indy worker who accepted money to cancel a booking because he was the champion at another company (who hasn't ran since he won their championship) but the company he cancelled on runs bi-weekly? This situation happened recently and caused quite a firestorm, Who is right or wrong? Should the company put the worker over because he is the champion of a place that runs once every six months or should the worker accept the booking he agreed upon to begin with?

Honestly, it sounds totally indy to me.  If a guy is a mark to be a champion of a company that runs two times a year, he isn't someone I wouldn't want on my every other week shows anyway.  If he is someone that would go back on his word, I wouldn't want him on my shows either.  The indies are filled with garbage like this, sadly.

With the announcement that IMPACT will be going on the road more, is there any plans to design a set for use for each episode (obviously apart from the sound stage in Orlando)? The UK show tapings were great but with no screen, no big entrance etc and just a camera following the wrestlers to the ring doesn't exactly give the show a big show HD feel. The same for Bound for glory last year were it seemed TNA didn't pay much attention to the set?

 I haven't heard that they are building a set yet.  My best guess is that they will start without one and see how it goes.  In addition to the cost of building it, they would need to transport it around the country, and that costs a pretty penny as well.

I read the other day that Taker may not be ready to go at WrestleMania. If this happens what do you see happening with CM Punk? After Sunday's Royal Rumble, how could Vince not insert Punk into the Rock/Cena WWE title match? Punk stays in the title picture, Rock can lose the belt without taking the pin and Rock wouldn't have to dumb down his promos as much as last year sparring with Punk. Win for all.

I agree with you, if Taker can't go, then Punk deserves to be in the title picture.  As much as I hate three way matches for the Title, it would only be right that he be in the WWE Title match at Mania.  Hell, he should be in it whether Taker works or not.  One way they could do it is have Punk win at the Elimination Chamber, getting his title back.  Cena says, "Well it's you and me at Mania".  Rock says, "Not so fast, I am invoking my rematch clause".  So Punk has to defend against both, which will give him plenty to vent about leading to Mania.

What happened to Fandangoo or Fandango? We got to see a few video packages and then nothing.

What we saw wasn't exactly worth seeing again in my opinion.  Whatever the case, he is listed as Johnny Curtis, the name he used before Goo, on  But, he has been doing the gimmick on house shows. So I guess it is still active.

I know that asking for logic in WWE is always a bad thing, but isn't Heyman CM Punk's personal manager / agent? What job is Vince attempting to fire Paul from? It's not like Paul is a GM or an announcer. He's Punk's right hand man and Punk's employee. Would this also give Vince the authority to fire Ricardo as ADR's personal ring announcer?

Uh, on the Heyman one you are right on the money.  He "doesn't work" for Vince, so how could he be fired?  At most, Vince could bar him from appearing at his buildings.  As for Ricardo, if you go by the story that he works for ADR all Vince could really do is the same thing, ban him from his buildings.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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