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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 13:14:20
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of National Pro Wrestling Day in Philadelphia, PA.  The events are taking place on iPPV and can be ordered now at

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of National Pro Wrestling Day in Philadelphia, PA.  The events are taking place on iPPV and can be ordered now at

We are posting photos from the event on our Instagram site at including a pretty interesting reunion.

ROH Tag Team champions The Briscoes vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino

Corino cut a promo before the show saying that Ring of Honor wouldn't send the ROH champion Kevin Steen because they didn't want him to represent the company.  He said that the ROH that Philadelphia knew and loved is dead and tonight they will continue to kill the company by taking back their ROH Tag Team belts.

Cary Silkin, as the official ROH rep, came out with the Briscoes.  They did the code of honor handshake before the bout.

Corino and Jay Briscoe locked up.  Corino backed him into a corner and nailed several chops.  Jay fought his way out.  Mark nailed a missile dropkick off the top and the Briscoes nailed a double shoulderblock to send the challengers to the floor.  Mark then hit a great flip dive over the top to the floor.

The Briscoes worked over Corino and Jacobs on the floor and used some Red Neck Kung Fu.  Back in the ring, Jay nailed a running boot to the face of Jacobs in the corner.  Jacobs reversed a whip into the corner and Corino nailed Jay from behind.  Corino tagged in and S.C.U.M. beat down Jay, double teaming him.

The challengers worked over Jay until he sent Corino into the buckles and made the hot tag to Mark.  Mark cleaned house with his Kung Fu.   He was awesome.  He nailed a sitdown powerbomb on Jacobs for a two count.  The Briscoes then nailed a double team neckbreaker for another two count but Corino returned to the fray.

Jacobs speared Mark and Corino took out Jay.  Jacobs nailed Sliced Bread #2 for a near fall.  The Briscoes finally nailed the Doomsday Device for the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, The Briscoes!

Steve Corino attacked them and laid them out from behind.  He took the mic and said he wanted ROH to die and they would take them out at the March 2nd iPPV.  He said evil was coming and ROH would become Ring of S.C.U.M.

Saturyne vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado (with his man servent Herbert) -presented by Wrestling Is Fun

They locked up and Saturyne cinched in a side headlock.  Coranado used his power to shrug her off.   She nailed several nice athletic moves including a rana to send him to the floor.  She went for a dive but Herbert got in the way.  She stopped, then wiped them both out.

Coronado took control when they returned to the ring and cheated, choking her against the ropes.  He distracted the referee, allowing Herbet to do the same.   Saturyne fought back but he cut her off .  She tried to mount a comeback but when she rebounded off the ropes, was tripped up.  Coronado drilled her with a kick for a two count.

Saturyne made a comeback but was tossed off the top.  She finally escaped an atomic drop attempt and dropkicked Coronado in the corner.  She nailed a kick to the head for a two count. 

Saturyne finally rolled up Coronado with a small package and scored the pin.

Your winner, Saturyne!


Vik Delicious & Ben Ortiz vs. Tommy Dreamer & Hale Collins, presented by House of Hardcore

Dreamer took the mic and said it was great to be here.  The fans chanted ECW.  He said when he heard of the show, he said he had to be here because the fans are his family and he loves wrestling.  He said everything he has is because of wrestling.   He said he's here because he's a fan and explained Ortiz is an MMA fighter who is having his first match tonight.

Collins and Delicious, who feuded all over the Northeast for NEW, started out.  They went back and forth.  Ortiz and Dreamer tagged in.  The crowd chanted for Dreamer.   Ortiz overpowered Dreamer and nailed a big suplex.    He went for an elbowdrop but Dreamer rolled out of the way.

Dreamer and Collins double teamed Ortiz for several near falls.  Collins went for a kick but was caught in a head and arms Tazplex for a two count.   Ortiz began working over Collins' leg, snapping and twisting it.

Delicious and Ortiz continued working over Collins, who finally came back with a Famouser.    Dreamer ade the hot tag and cleaned house.   He nailed a neckbreaker on Delicious.  Collins worked over Ortiz on the floor.

Dreamer snapped Delicious into the buckles and covered him for a two count.   Dreamer nailed a DDT on one.  Collins hit a top rope frog splash and they pinned their opponents in stereo.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and Hale Collins!

Another decent bout.

Ortiz and Delicious laid out the referee after.

Ethan Page vs. Josh Alexander, presented by Absolute Intense Wrestling

Alexander attacked Page at the bell.  Page was run into the buckles and sent to the floor.  Alexander hit a sliding kick to the floor.   He then powerbombed Page on the apron for a two count.

Alexander went for a slam but Page's manager (a hot brunette, didn't catch her name), distracted him.  This allowed Page to get the upper hand and choked Alexander against the ropes.  He nailed a series of strikes.  Aleander fought back but missed a discus punch.  Page wiped his legs out and nailed a big elbow for a two count.  Page used his feet to choke him against the buckles.

Page was drilled in the corner but fought back and nailed a big suplex.  Aleander drilled him in mid-air with a knee and reversed it.  He locked in a surfboard variation on the mat.  They battled back and forth with reversal and uppercuts.

Page drilled Alexander with a big forearm smash for a two count,  Alexander came back with a sitting inverted piledriver for a two count.    Page returned with a big lariat for a two count.  Good back and forth match.

Alexander was drilled with several shots but used a big forearm to escape.  The manager tried to grab his leg so she was pulled onto the apron.  Page went for a big boot but Alexander caught it and sent it into the manager.  Nice spot.  Alexander finished it up with a tombstone for the pin.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

Good match!

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