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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-01 23:55:21

Jason Zohn sent word that WWE has updated their 2013 DVD release listings on their website and that a DVD devoted to Mid-South Wrestling is now listed for a September release.

As we noted, WWE finally closed a deal to acquire the Mid-South/UWF video library last year after years of on and off negotiations with the family. At the time, we reported there was interest in doing a historical documentary on the promotion as well as eventual DVD releases for names like Junkyard Dog and Ted DiBiase. Here is the updated WWE DVD release listing:

The Best of Raw & SmackDown 201201/29/13
The Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume 202/12/13
Royal Rumble 201302/26/13
Bret "Hit Man" Hart: The Dungeon Collection03/05/13
Elimination Chamber 2013 03/19/13
For All Mankind: The Life & Career of Mick Foley04/16/13
The Best of In Your House04/30/13
WrestleMania 2905/14/13
Top 25 Rivalries 05/28/13
Extreme Rules 201306/18/13
Best of War Games06/25/13
TBD PPV07/16/13
ECW Unreleased Vol. 207/30/13
Money In The Bank 201308/13/13
Best of MSG08/27/13
SummerSlam 201309/17/13
Triple H (Biography)09/24/13
Goldberg (Match Comp)10/08/13
Night of Champions 201310/15/13
Money In The Bank Anthology (Match Comp)10/29/13
Over the Limit 2013 11/05/13
History of WWE11/19/13
Hell in a Cell 201311/26/13
Raw 20th Anniversary Box Set12/03/13
Survivor Series 201312/24/13
Best WWE PPV's12/31/13

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