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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-01 00:58:46
Today on PWInsiderTV, Eddie Kingston, the Grand champion of CHIKARA discusses trying to get himself into good shape and being a pro wrestler instead of acting like one, why the time is now for him and his career to get things going, being invited to Osaka Pro in Japan, his favorite match, the Dusty Rhodes promo that made him love pro wrestling, being an old school style wrestler in the 21st Century, Eddie Gilbert, Dick Murdoch, fighting his own demons, his response to fans that dismiss CHIKARA on first impressions, still hating Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno, what he hopes to get done in 2013 and much more - the type of colorful, explicit exchange you'd expect from Kingston!

Also added is Part Two of Mike Johnson's quest to uncover the origins of the ECW the,e song with songwriter Harry Slash:

Colt Cabana discusses his fear of one day becoming Virgil, the romance of Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher, this Friday's $5 Wrestling iPPV, tapping into a loyal yet unique fan base with comedy and social media, why he doesn't feel he needs to go back to a national wrestling company, his reaction if he was to be offered a deal, the health issues that almost cost him a finger, upcoming comedy projects, the future of "Creative Has Nothing For You", and all sorts of the silliness and fun you'd expect out of Colt Cabana!

Former WWE and ECW star Little Guido discusses Former WWE and ECW star Little Guido (aka Nunzio) from the FBI discusses the retirement of his longtime partner Tony Mamaluke, his partners always leaving him, memories of training and competing in Japan for the UWFi, his belief he was going into a shoot when he first went to Japan, his job working as a court officer in New York, the strangest place he's ever had to wrestle in, the early days of wrestling in NYC, the Guido persona everyone forgets about and much more!

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