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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-31 14:55:28
As we broke yesterday on, WWE filed a lawsuit on 1/25 against Solar Entertainment Corp. who were their international TV partner in The Philippines.

According to the lawsuit, WWE and Solar went into business together in October 2007 with Solar carrying WWE programming on RPN9, a free channel in the Philippines as well as paid channels Solar SportS and Jack TV. The agreement expired in March 2012.

WWE noted that Solar had failed to pay WWE money due, owing for under separate contracts on WWE series that would run on free TV, PPV events that would run on paid channels and a 2011 Deal Memo for additional material (newly added PPV events in the market) that the two sides were working from while trying to lock in a new permanent, long-term deal.

In the lawsuit, WWE noted, "Solar failed to pay WWE monies due and owing under the Television Agreement, Pay-Per-View Agreement, and 2011 Deal Memo."

Solar was informed on 2/15/12 that they were in breach of their agreement. WWE claims that when they informed Solar of the breach, they were owed $960,105.92 and still have yet to receive any of that money.

The company also claims they are owed an additional $21,601.92 stemming from the 2011 deal memo for new PPV events for a total of $981,707.84, plus interest and penalties Solar agreed they would pay contractually if they made payments to WWE late.

WWE is seeking all of the money owed, penalties and court costs. They have requested a jury trial in the matter.

Solar stopped playing Raw, Smackdown and PPV events over the summer but still broadcasts NXT and Superstars in The Philippines. FOX Asia and several other networks now play the other material. Thanks to Dustin for his help on WWE TV programming in The Philippines.

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