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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-31 10:00:00
After reading on your site that Chris Jericho was hidden away in a trailer prior to his return at the Royal Rumble, how far in advance are the Pyro-technicians and Cameraman notified of this surprise to be prepared for? They seemed to have his pyro ready to go and there was even new merchandise for Chris Jericho ready to go at the conclusion of the Rumble.

Obviously, certain people were aware Jericho was back, but it was kept to a very select few who were aware of what they needed to do. Jericho was kept out of sight of the wrestlers and from being openly seen around the venue to keep leaks from happening and in this case, it worked.

What are the chances that The Rock vs John Cena main event could turn into a triple threat match with CM Punk if The Undertaker is physically unable to go for Wrestlemania 29?

If Undertaker can't go, there really isn't anything else they can do with Punk that wouldn't seem like a step down beyond that three-way. The reality is that Punk should be in the main event based on his work the last few years but you can certainly make a case that Taker, as an attraction, counts as a main event bout. But without Taker, not having Punk at the top of the card would be an insult to him.

Michael Buffer gets $5 Millions just to say "Let's Get Ready To Rumble." Who is that even possible??? I mean i don't get it, we can trademark a catchphrase???

I'm not sure what Buffer gets these days but he commands a massive premium because he's great at what he does...unless you saw him announce in WCW.

With WWE apparently planning to make Brodus Clay and Tensai into a tag team, wouldn't this be a great opportunity to remake them into a dominant, monster heel team and drop the insipid comedy than even 7 year olds think is stupid? And since that would be the best way to go, how likely is it WWE does the exact opposite?

It would be awesome, but you can always turn them down the line. I am sure they are looking at the duo as a potential merchandise machine.

Will the next TNA GutCheck involve a female wrestler? The last female wrestler that had last taken part in GutCheck was Taeler Hendrix and that was some months ago. Who do see getting a opportunity? The Blossom Twins maybe?

No word yet on another female Gutcheck competitor.

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