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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-30 12:24:31
Brock Lesnar is scheduled for this Monday's Raw taping in Atlanta, GA, so WWE will be using that appearance to follow up on the angle where he destroyed Vince McMahon and broke his hip during his return to the company.

Lesnar will be making semi-regular appearances for the company leading into Wrestlemania 29. When he was signed last year, the deal called for a minimum of two dates per month, which WWE obviously did not utilize as well as additional dates building to Mania.

Well, so far, Lesnar is being locally advertised for Atlanta this Monday as well as 2/25 in Dallas, 3/11 in Indianapolis and 4/2 in Washington, DC. Additional dates could be added (or these dates changed) as WWE storylines evolve.

As we broke on Sunday in the PWInsider Elite section, Lesnar agreed last week to a brand new 2 year deal with the company, locking him in through the Spring of 2015.

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