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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-30 11:40:37
As we noted last week, PWInsider has launched a brand new Instagram page at As part of the page, we have began regularly scheduled "programming" including weekly looks at rare wrestling books and merchandise as well as additional exclusive photo material.


This morning, we launched the brand new "WTF Wednesday" feature on Instagram, asking readers to caption an oddball photo from around the word of professional wrestling.

The photo in question for the debut:

Some of the responses thus far, via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter:

"Sandman's kid finally got what he deserved"

"Oh, cool! A Dreamer Driver just for me!"

THAT KID HAS A FAMILY!... oh wait."

The sign said no video recording devices allowed!"

House of Hardcore gets serious about their search for new young talent."

Dreamer was less than pleased with the new 'conjoined twin' gimmick he was given."

After the Hostess bankruptcy, Tommy Dreamer found himself accosting children to get his hands on the last of the Twinkies."

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