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By Jason Zohn on 2013-01-30 03:31:17
I attended tonight's Smackdown taping in San Diego, CA. Here are the Main Event spoilers: They opened with Ryback as the guest on Miz TV. Ryback and Miz complimented each other, then began talking about Antonio Cesaro. This brought out the U.S. champion and they had a match where Cesaro ended up counted out of the ring after he slipped out of Shell Shock and ran away through the crowd. He nailed Miz, who was doing announcing, before he ran away. They did a lot of power stuff where Ryback would dominate him. It was OK.

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro by count out. At one point Ryback had Cesaro up for a standing suplex for about 10 seconds, which was impressive. Ryback pretty much dominated the whole match with the exception of Cesaro knocking him out the ring for about 9 seconds. This led Cesaro to control the match for a few minutes before Ryback regained control. Ryback went for Shell Shock, but Cesaro escaped and kicked Miz (who was on commentary) in the face before escaping though the crowd. Huge heat for Cesaro.

They showed us the Brock Lesnar return.

Backstage, Tensai was getting mocked for his Raw outfit by the Prime Time Players. Brodus Clay came to his defense but Tensai was upset.

Tensai pinned Titus O'Neil. Brodus came out to stop Darren Young from interfering. It was OK overall. Clay got Tensai to dance after so apparently the hip hop hippo is back in town.

Not as strong as some of the Main Event episodes have been in recent weeks but OK overall.

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