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By Jose Perez on 2013-01-29 21:40:24


WWC held a house show this past Saturday in Catano, PR.  A few stories coming out of the show that will be worked on for the next few weeks:
- Savio Vega had apparently defeated Rey Gonzalez for the WWC Universal title, but President Victor Jovica came out and overturned the decision due Vega's use of his baseball bat to get the win.  Vega was DQ'd, thus Gonzalez still the champion.
- Samson Walker came out for his Puerto Rico Heavyweight title match against the champion "The Precious One" Gilbert.  However, Gilbert failed to show at the arena for the second straight Saturday and was stripped of the title.  The title was awarded to Walker via forfeit.  Walker and his manager Orlando Toledo were celebrating the outcome, but out comes "El Ilegal"-Chicano and challenges him to a match.  Chicano gets the win but after match he is attacked by both Walker and Toledo.
Next Saturday WWC will be back in Bayamon, PR where they have announced the following matches:
- WWC Universal Title - Rematch
Savio Vega vs Rey Gonzalez (c)
- WWC PR Heavyweight Title Match
"El Ilegal"-Chicano vs Samson Walker (c) w/ Orlando Toledo
- WWC World Tag Team Title - Rematch
Sons of Samoa vs Thunder & Lightning (c) w/ Barrabas
- #1 Contender to the PR Heavyweight title - Fatal Four Way Match
Sandman vs "The Bad Man" Andy Levine vs "El Leon" Apolo vs Sebastian Guerra
As I mentioned earlier in the report, "The Precious One" Gilbert has missed the last two weeks of house shows, which for people that know him well it's very uncharacteristic.  In conversations that I've had in the last few days, there are conflicting stories as to why this has happened.  We will definitely have more on this story in the next few days.
"El Ilegal" Chicano's return was an interesting surprise for a couple of reasons.  One, he has been training for boxing and has already had 2 boxing bouts in the last couple of months, both of which he won.  The second reason is that when he left WWC the last time he was very sour towards the company, going from the booking all the way to pay.  However, he is very close to Savio Vega, and that relationship may have eased his way back into the company.  Either way, it is good to see him back in wrestling ring.  He has always been a good performer and WWC sure can use him.
During this past weekend's TV show they were running a story that Carlito and Savio Vega are trying to buy a Carlos Colon's WWC shares.  They taped the angle at WWC's offices and at the end of the segment Savio Vega challenged Colon Sr. to a match where if Vega wins Colon Sr. has to sell his shares to him.  Colon Sr. accepted the match but there is no official date for it to take place.  "Unofficially" the match should be set to take place at their next big event "La Hora de la Verdad" (Moment of Truth), which should be taking place in the next couple of weeks.  [NOTE:  Personally, I do not like this angle.  Colon Sr. should not be wrestling at this stage of his life and, honestly, I do not want to see him wrestle. Big fan of his matches... but that was 20 years ago; not today.  Having said that, I believe the only way this story may work is to have Colon Sr. swerve everyone and turn heel for the first time ever in WWC, joining forces with Carlito and Savio Vega and beginning a war with Jovica, Rey Gonzalez and whoever else they would have join.  Unfortunately, I just don't see Colon Sr. allowing this to happen... but who knows.]
This past Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to watch the first TV show from the new company, World Wrestling League.  It was more of an "infomercial" type of show, with various clips from their press conference and just letting the audience know what they are going to be all about.  They again announced the names they have signed for their first weekend tour in March of this year.  The names are: Bobby Lashley, X Pac, Billy Gunn, "Hurricane" Helms, Blue Demon Jr., Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr.; along with local names "Mr. E", "Sexy B." and Monster Pain w/ Mistress Glendallys.
One last quick note...  Kevin Nash has been announced as appearing at the "Puerto Rico Comic Con 2013", which will be taking place May 24th and 25th at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.  The "Bella Twins" had been previously announced for the show as well.

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