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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-29 13:40:16

The New Haven Register has an update on the latest arrest of Tammy Sytch (this is number six for those counting at home).  Sytch was in court yesterday "dressed in sweats, slippers and handcuffed at the wrist".

While crying, she told the judge that she was assaulted by her (I would guess former at this point) boyfriend, indy wrestler Damien Darling, the man that the court had ordered her to stay away from.  Sytch was arrested last Friday for violating the court order to stay away from him.  Sytch's lawyer claimed that Darling "lured" Sytch to the home on Friday.  He said that she doesn't have a car and that Darling came and picked her up and took her to his house, the one she was supposed to stay away from.  The claim is that she was given an engagement ring and asked to move back in.  Once at the home, Sytch told the judge that she was attacked by her "fiance" and then drank and "self medicated" herself the day after the attack.  In court she said, "I don't think it's fair to me. I was the one abused."

Sytch filed a criminal complaint against Darling in Branford, CT yesterday and police are investing her allegations.  She was treated by medical personal and hospitalized after reporting the alleged assault.

However, According to the police report of Sytch’s arrest Friday, she told police she was given a key and had been living in the man’s house for two weeks, even though that violated the court order.  When police found her on Friday, after Darling notified the police she was there, she was found by law enforcement hiding in a bathroom shower.

She was arraigned yesterday and the judge remanded her to be held in lieu of $100,000 cash bond.  Her lawyer asked that the court have her mental health evaluated.  The case was then continued until February 7.

You can read the whole article, as well as see some less than flattering pictures of Sytch, by clicking here.

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