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By Mikey D on 2013-01-29 12:17:20

Raw was a fun show last night.  The Vegas crowd came out strongly.  It was really clear that there is a divide between the kids that love John Cena and the rest of us that don't.

Before Raw, they taped Superstars.

Kofi Kingston beat Michael McGillicutty.

The Usos beat Epico and Primo.

Raw was really good in spots and bad in others.  The good:

-CM Punk.  He got a huge reaction.
-The Rock, same thing.
-The closing angle.  People were chanting ECW for Paul Heyman one minute, booing him the next!
-Brock Lesnar's return was awesome.  The crowd went crazy for it.

After Raw ended, they tended to Vince McMahon.  It took him a while to get up and be helped out.

Then John Cena came out to sing Happy Birthday to Sheamus.  Dolph Ziggler came out to interrupt and ended up getting laid out.  Of course.

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