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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-29 09:26:32
For those of you intending to stay in New Jersey over Wrestlemania weekend, we have noted several times that the best place to stay are one of the Wrestlecon hotels as they are within walking distance of that event and within ten minutes of all of WWE's New Jersey events.

A few updates on that front:

The Wrestlecon rates are completely sold out of hotel rooms for Saturday April 6th at both hotels.

Wrestlecon are also getting low on rooms for Friday April 5th and Sunday April 7th at both hotels.

Wrestlecon's organizers sent the following: "We advise people to make hotel reservations for the current available days and check back for cancellations later to add to reservations. The Holiday Inn has some rooms outside our group block available on Saturday April 6th for $279/night if you would like to book other nights at our $149 group rate and pay the $279 rate for the one day only. However, they have less than 10 rooms total remaining for the Saturday night, so you should do this quickly."

For more details on the hotels and their rates, visit

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