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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-28 07:51:00

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling returned to action in Cornelia, GA on a January 26 with all titles allegedly on the line, although it didn't turn quite that way.

Making the most of a difficult situation, as they've had to do far too many times in recent years, Anarchy produced two generally compelling hours of television. This despite the absence of the advertised main event -- Contender numero uno Bryan Casanova vs. Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Shaun Tempers along with Elite monsters Se7en and Geter.

The stories worked. Everything had a purpose. The booking and rebooking (by Bill Behrens and Todd Sexton), combined with key performances at crucial moments got them where they needed to go.

Attendance at the Anarchy Arena was 100. That's in the general ballpark for what the promotion has been drawing for their regular TV tapings.

Brandon Parker said partner Andrew Pendleton III was away handling other biz for awhile and introduced Kameron Kade as his capable replacement.

(1) Brandon Parker & Kameron Kade & Hot Commodity (Tommy Penerelli & CB Suave) defeated Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) & The Movement (Najasism & Vandal) in 9:15. Right off the bat, the crowd let HC know just how much they suck. The faces cleaned their clocks before the bell. After a heaping helping of rapid-fire babyface offense, Parker illegally konked Vandal's head to start an extended isolation beating. Naja's quickness is unreal. It makes his hot tag work stand out. Naja had Suave pinned with the Iron Boot. Jon oddly got in the ring to distract referee Dee Byers. Parker jumped in and gave Naja a cradle DDT, and he was dead meat for Suave. A Naja/Suave singles match could be great fun.

Postmatch, The Bullets turned on The Movement and left them laying like two turds in the middle of the ring. Did I mention that I have a problem with their name?

Miss Rachael introduced Jeff G. Bailey and the Jagged Edge. She looked so damn happy to be doing it as to make me sick. Bailey about the happenings at Season's Beatings, most notably the fact that "The Big Hurt" Geter left Slim J laying like a helpless cripple. Bailey said it was testament to J's stupidity not his toughness because Geter was waiting right around the corner with a repeat.

NWA Anarchy Shaun Tempers addressed the fans via the Wrestlevision screen. Tempers begged off his match with Casanova due to a back injury. Tempers claimed that despite his objections, the Anarchy doctors said the champion couldn't risk further injury. Tempers closed by wincing in pain as he applied the Temptation spray.

Back to the now, Georgia's manager of the year for the umpteenth time, cut a hellacious promo on Casanova. Bailey said Jagged Edge was prepared to face Casanova, but he was nowhere to be found. Bailey said he sent Se7en and Geter to Nashville to track Casanova down, and they found the yellow dog holed up in the Stadium Inn sleeping on a soiled mattress in a room that stunk worse than death. Bailey said the coward joined the military because he had no other options. He would have ended up in jail or on the street like the scum that proliferate our armed forces. If the fans joined the military they would still be the same garbage because the uniform doesn't mean a thing. Bailey said Jagged Edge was the real Universal Soldier, a man that stacked more bodies than the Holocaust. I came to this show to see Tempers vs. Casanova and Bailey's promo made me want to see the match with Jagged Edge.

(2) Anthony Henry defeated Todd Sexton in 11:35. Todd advised heel referee Brent Wiley to call it down the middle. Solid pops for both men. Back and forth grappling to start. Sexton tried for the crossface, but Henry scrambled to the floor and when Sexton pursued, Henry rammed his back into the ringsteps. Henry zeroed in on Sexton's back. Henry lost Sexton on a quebradora and double stomped is back instead. They traded European uppercuts and near falls. There was a perfectly time spot where Henry sprang off the ropes smack into Sexton's European uppercut. They went back and forth with submission attempts. Henry locked in his signature Texas Cloverleaf. As Sexton struggled toward the ropes, Wiley blocked his path but the cagey veteran was not to be denied. Sexton splashed Henry's arm and got the crossface midring. Wiley turned around to tie his shoe laces. Sexton got in Wiley's face, Henry rolled him up with a full moon over Cornelia and Wiley made a lightning fast three count. The story played out beautifully. The longer it went on, the more the crowd shaded towards Sexton.

Sexton confronted Wiley after the match. That brought Rachael out with Bo Newsom. Rachael reminded Sexton that attacking an official = suspension. Sexton told the trash bag (using those words for a big pop) to shut up because this was family business. Their brother relationship was once acknowledged in passing many years ago. Newsom attacked Sexton, who fired back driving Bo from the ring. Sexton turned his attention back to Wiley, who was hiding behind Rachael. Newsom returned and nailed Sexton with a planter box (they're attached to the rail as cupholders). You could hear the wood clunking Sexton's head. The other refs ran out looking disgusted to find Wiley standing in the ring with his thumb up his ass. Wiley walked to the back with a **** eating grin on his face, tossing the planter box over his shoulder as he went.

(3) Billy Buck defeated Jacoby Boykins to retain the Anarchy TV Title in 6:15. Boykins acted tough before the bell, then turned pussycat when Buck started handing him his ass. A massive spinning spinebuster turned the tide. Boykins busted out the power moves, using Buck' Samoan Drop against him for a near fall. Truth be told, it did look more impressive than Buck's. Buck hit his version of the Samoan drop, and it was both men down. Buck came up firing and got mowed down by clothesline. Out of nowhere, Buck nailed Boykins with two superkicks, both right on the button. The first one knocked Boykins silly, the second one put him down and out. Good match, good heat, great finish.

The "always victorious" Hot Commodity (Tommy Penerelli & CB Suave) returned to the ring to start the second hour. Penerelli we were looking at the man with the perfect abs (Suave laying it on thick with the baby oil to make the point) and the smartest man in wrestling. Penerelli challenged anyone in Anarchy to try to stop them. Leading to...

(4) Slim J & Azrael defeated Hot Commodity (Tommy Penerelli & CB Suave) in 10:10. Penerelli said he wanted Azrael. Really? Not for long. Azrael shredded both member of HC with vicious chops. The realism of Azrael's offense separated it from anything else on the show. J looked very good here as well, busting out that stellar corkscrew moonsault he's added to his offense. HC took a good beating and they eventually got some offense against J. Once the hot tag was made, the match turned into a Slim J/Azrael highlight reel, ending with an assisted Superman punch on the hapless Suave, who was pinned by J.

(5) Stryknyn defeated Bobby Moore to retain the Anarchy Young Lion's Championship in 9:08. Stryknyn's received the loudest intro pop of the night. Henry sauntered out to join Tim E. D on commentary. Stryk was lighting Moore up early. Stryk set up for the spear. Moore's eyes got big and he bailed. Stryk was all over him. Moore moved and Stryk' shoulder struck the post. It was all Moore now, and he was all over that. Moore bellowed the magic words --- "These people don't care about you" --- and the place was on fire. Moore walked into a huge lariat. It was comeback time. Moore managed to break out of the Tourniquet. Moore hit his legal finisher, but the resilient Stryk kicked out, so Moore loaded up the elbow pad got speared out of his boots. By the numbers, not that there was anything the least bit wrong with that.

Postmatch, Henry picked up the belt and threw it down at Stryk's feet. The massive chip on Henry's shoulder grows looms larger by the week. This slow turn is just what was needed to rejuvenate Henry at Anarchy, and add range and dimension to his repertoire.

(6) Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Wiliams) defeated Joey Rhymer & BJ Hancock in 12 minutes. Good match to establish Bullets' heel persona. Trey unleashed surprisingly powerful bad guy energy to the point I wanted to see him in a singles match. Bullets pulled out the shenanigans on Joey and manhandled the kid. Referee Dee Byers missed the legit tag. Hancock went nuts about which did no good whatsoever. Bullets used the Marion Barry to finish off Rhymer. Match was too long, and there were spots where Rhymer was left open to make a tag, but the passion was there and the dynamic was right.  

The Bullets wanted to put more hurt on Rhymer, but Movement hit the ring before serious damage was done.

(7) Anarchy Tag Team Champions Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis with GM Jerry Palmer) vs. Brodie Chase & Iceberg was ruled a no contest at 11:20. This match had terrific heat. Chase looked the best he has since incurring a serious arm injury. Berg is hugely over as a sentimental fan favorite. They worked over Shadow's arm. Berg applied a hammerlock and bit Shadow's bald head. Shadow did something heinous to Berg, and UAS dropped elbow after elbow on him. When Berg showed defiance by doing the UAS "beast up" pose, they leveled him with a high/low double team. The chant for Berg's comeback was the loudest of the night. Berg hit a belly to belly suplex, the hot tag was made, and it went to hell in a handbasket. Berg got Palmer's axhandle and had him where he wanted him when he was attacked by Jagged Edge and Boykins. Slim J, Buck and Azrael hit the ring. The Elite bailed. During the chaos, Jackson KOed Berg with the ax handle. Berg recovered and in the end, the babyfaces left the ring with their heads held high.

NOTES: Tempers' back injury was legitimate...Casanova and Se7en missed the show due to transportation problems...Geter had sick child...Pendleton is out due to back issues resulting from that wicked bump over the top rope 4 weeks ago at Christmas Chaos. He has compression at the C4 and C5 vertebrae...Hardcore Hell 2013 takes place on March 30...Henry is schedule for February 9 Wrestleforce event in Swansea, SC vs. Caleb Konley and the Pro Wrestling EVO Eight Tournament in Concord, NC on February 15.


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