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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-28 08:55:00
WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch is slated to appear in court in New Haven, CT after being arrested for the sixth time over the last year on Friday evening.

As we noted over the weekend, Sytch was arrested for violating an order of protection independent wrestler Damien Darling took out after their first domestic issues led to her initial arrest. What makes the arrest and the story beyond strange is that both Darling and Sytch have publicly stated on their Facebook pages that they are now engaged.

WTNH News 8 in Connecticut spoke with Sytch's attorney, Rob Serafinowicz about the latest arrest. Serafinowicz stated that "Sytch had permission from the court" to have discussions with Darling (referred to in the article as her ex-boyfriend) as the couple were trying to reconcile their relationship.

Serafinowicz claimed that Sytch was called over by Darling to meet with him, but that Darling called the police following an argument.

He also claimed that Sytch had suffered two broken ribs and substantial bruising by the time she had "left the scene" but did not make any explanation for how the injuries occurred.

The article noted that Sytch filed an assault complaint with the Brantford, CT police department.

Sytch is currently in an out-patient program after leaving a WWE sponsored rehab in early January.

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