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By Bill Costello on 2013-01-28 00:46:47

Went to the show tonight. Here are a few thoughts.

The arena was packed. No tarps to be seen. Don't know how it came across on TV, there was a ton of down time. Too many videos in the arena. If I wanted to watch on TV, I would have stayed home. I think Miz vs. Cesaro could have been on the show. To me flaws really stand out live. CM Punk doesn't have any. He was awesome helping Rock to a good match.

It took then awhile to untie Big Show from the ropes. He laid there for several minutes before someone gave the ref scissors.

Biggest Pops:
1) The Rock (when he won)
2) Jericho (big surprise)
3) Goldust
4) CM Punk (when we thought he won, lots of Punk fans present)

Biggest boos:
1) Ziggler being eliminated (lots of support for him)
2) Cena (when he came out)

Honorable mention to Mr McMahon (he got a good pop)

The crowd was very loud the whole show. Fun event, especially the Rumble match. Only drawback, the huge Cookie Puss sign being held up in front of us.

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