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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-30 09:59:00

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I just read that you want The Undertaker to retire with his streak in tact, which I 100% agree with. If he absolutely HAD to lose his streak at Wrestlemania, who would you chose for it to be against and why?

Well he would never HAVE to lose, unless he got hurt and couldn't get up or something like that.  But if they did decide to end the streak, to me the best person would be whoever they were sure was going to be the next big guy for the company.  It should be someone who just needed that one big moment to get to the top level.

Given the end of Raw on Monday 1/21, how many microphones does WWE own?

127.  Some work better than others.

Isn't it kind of bad for business when you have Rock come in after not wrestling for 10 years and have him beat all the top guys on your roster. Doesn't that imply everyone on your roster suck?

You mean like having John Cena beat almost everyone on your roster, or Triple H coming out last year and saying Undertaker is the only guy in WWE that can give him a fight?  Yeah, I get your point.  WWE definitely has done a poor job in building young talent.  There is no doubt about that.  With that said, Rock is a legend so I can understand him getting some wins. 

Who is Dr. Shelby? An actor? A backstage person? Developmental talent? He's perfect for the role.

He is an actor.  I heard his name once but forget what it is.  He has done a great job.

Since ROH TV is not in all markets are there plans to syndicate the TV show to the New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC areas? Most CW, ABC, My Network TV and independent stations would love to fill a hour of airtime on Saturday afternoons with ROH TV. And is 2013 a make or break year for the company?

Sinclair currently airs the show on the stations that they own.  Syndication requires two things, backing and stations that want to air the program.  Wrestling is very low on the wish list of most stations and if they were to agree to air a show like ROH, it would in almost all cases involve ROH paying for the time.  That just isn't practical.  As for 2013 being a make or break year, that is a question only Sinclair management can answer.  They are the ones who would make that call.  With that said, every year is a big year for any company.  ROH is no exception.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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