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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-28 09:59:00

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With all the talk about a likely Wrestlemania main event of Rock vs. Cena II (and boy, am I not excited about that), has any word spread out about what Dwayne Johnson thinks about the possible repeat? He is certainly experienced and passionate enough to know what the fans want to see and hear, I think he must have an opinion on the current plans, even more after what I consider the worst promo of any main eventer in easily the past 10 years (speaking of Cena's train wreck of a promo). He must have noticed how much better his work is with Punk since he doesn't have to dumb his act down as he had to do last year to not let Cena look completely inferior to him.

He has publicly said he is very excited about the direction that he and his Mania opponent are heading in.  And he definitely didn't have to come back to WWE so I would think he is happy with what he will be doing.  With that said, I think anyone who listened to their promos last year knows that Rock is in a class that Cena can't even remotely hope to enter.  I am like you, I don't want to see Rock have to dumb his stuff down any time.

My question is about Rock and Punk. I understand that Rock is around for most Raws in the first quarter of 2013. But The bottom line is he is gone after April 8th. And he is 40 years old going on 41. When Jericho came back all he wanted to do was put over Punk, and put over Ziggler. Out of respect and growth of the business. why can’t Rock do the same? And I don’t want to hear that’s the way Vince wants it. Because I am sure if Rock went to Vince and said I want to come in work with this guy and put him over he would be ok with it. Rock will draw no matter what. Against any opponent. When Andre put over Hogan you heard everyone say (including Vince and Hogan) that Andre passed the torch. Hogan was already champ for 3 years at that point. So that put the final exclamation point on his reign and status. The same goes for Punk. Yes he has defeated all the current guys, and one part time legend star in Jericho. But now it’s time for him to defeat guys like the Rock and Undertaker to stamp his mark in history. This title reign is just too good to end right now. He is the best heel to come along in years. No way should he be dropping the title any time soon, and when he does it should only be to a younger/newer wrestler ready to be made into a star. Thoughts?

First off, we aren't sure he will be gone on 4/8.  He may stay around longer.  If Vince wants to put the WWE Title on Cena, then Rock can't talk him out of that.  It is Vince's call.  Vince sets the direction for his company.  He conveyed to Rock what he wanted to do and Rock signed off.  If Vince wants Rock to do two jobs to Punk and keep the Title on him, Rock would do it.  But where the Title goes is a Vince call, not a Rock call.  With that said, I agree with you.  I don't see any need to put the title on Super Poopy.  He doesn't need it, he is made.  It makes more sense to make Punk even more. 

Is I just me or is Josh Matthews a really good commentator?

I like Josh.  I think he has a lot to offer and has been underused by WWE.

Watching the WWE 50 Greatest Finishers on Netflix, and it reinforced something I've felt about wrestling today. When they showed wrestlers from the 80's, they were always performing their finishers on jobbers, and I realized the reason is because they almost never used their finishers in competitive matches. Watching early Wrestlemanias, over half the matches ended without finishers. (One example is in Wrestlemania 4 the only two successful finishers on the entire card are Randy Savage's flying elbows on Butch Reed and Ted DiBiase.) My question is whether you feel matches today have become too reliant on finishers. It seems nearly all matches end with finishers, and the biggest matches have each guy's finisher no-sold at least once. It seems now a cover on any move other than a finisher is pointless because matches hardly ever end any other way. Some of the greatest matches of all time have ended on surprise finishes, and that seems gone from wrestling now. Do you agree, or am I being too critical?

I haven't really noticed that so I can't say it bothers me.  A finisher, after all, is a finisher!  It's meant to end a match so I have no problem with it doing so.

My thing is this why does everyone hate Cena? He always works hard. He is a goodwill ambassador for the company. He doesn't refuse to do jobs.  Last year he put Rock over clean and Punk as well.  As far as Ziggler goes how can he appear strong, with AJ & Big E Langston constant screw job finishes.  It's not Cena's fault that he hasn't gotten a run on top. That's creative sticking him.

People detest Cena for a few reasons.  One, his promos are often insipid and mind numbing.  He is a totally dorky guy who thinks he is cool, and it's painful to listen to him try and be funny when he is not. Also, his act is stale and a lot of people are tired of it.  Sure he has done a few jobs, but he has also taken multiple finishers from guys and still laid them out.  He is booked to not even give Ziggler a sniff, despite Dolph getting help from AJ and Big E, as well as hitting finishers on Superman.  Cena's been booked to hardly ever give much to anyone, and it turns people off.  Sure, he works hard and is a good guy for the company, but even Hulk Hogan got beat up back in the day and then got revenge.  Cena just gets to beat people up and never gets laid out himself.  It's tired at this point.

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