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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-27 09:59:00

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Love the site guys! I'm a long time fan, & have a degree in broadcasting. How would one go about breaking in to the business as a commentator/ring announcer?

Your best bet would be to find the closest indy to your area and try to catch on there.  You need to get some experience and starting at the bottom is the best way to go.  Hone your craft and make your mistakes on the smallest level possible.

Do you think a time will come when The Rock, says he's taking a break from Hollywood and to go on tour with WWE, maybe for a year. Not necessarily to wrestle every night and definitely not for the money, lets be honest he doesn't need it, but maybe to come out cut a promo or do a Rock Concert and thank the fans. It could be a world tour, ending with him been inducted to the Hall of Fame. It would be huge for WWE and even bigger for his fans. Do you think it could be a reality or am I, like John Lennon, a dreamer?

Honestly, no I don't.  I could see him maybe doing a few house shows in big markets but an actual long tour, nope I don't see it happening.  He has too much going on to commit to that.  He can say all the goodbyes he wants to the millions of his fans on Raw.

Being from outside the USA myself and actually never having been there, I wonder to what extent does the American mainstream media cover pro wrestling. WWE claims that Wrestlemania is bigger than the Super Bowl and the World Series, and you can't argue with the results - the venue is always full and millions pay to view on TV, but the sports events get wide media attention, do the big wrestling shows get the same treatment? My guess is that their media exposure is no where near to sports, music or movies, so if I'm right (which happens more often than not) how do they keep such a large following?

Pro Wrestling doesn't get a whole lot of mainstream coverage in the US for the most part.  Around WrestleMania time, they get more than usual but they don't come close to doing what the NFL does.  Let's put it this way, if WrestleMania were even remotely as big as The Super Bowl, a network would pay WWE far more than they earn on PPV to air the show for free.  They don't, because it's nowhere near as popular as the NFL.

After reading your site and listening to your elite section, were you reported the Wrestlemania main events are decided, I couldn't help be disappointed. Mostly as me and my friends are spending a lot to come over from the UK for the big show and the though of the PG superhero standing over The Rock with what could possibly be the WWE title makes me sick! How can they honestly be preparing for a rematch to a 'once in a lifetime' match a year earlier? And give us a re-match from Summerslam as the other main event? Surely there is other directions to go in? Lesnar costing The Rock the title at Elimination chamber against Punk with Heyman seems a good idea to me. That would allow Rock vs. Brock at Mania and Taker vs. Punk for the title closing the show. 2 massive unique matches that haven't been seen 12 months or less earlier. Surely Cena could be inserted into the WHC title picture if needs must, and HHH could use his status to put over and elevate Dolph Ziggler?

I couldn't agree more with you.  The card is definitely lacking in my opinion.  They can do so much for it, but Vince McMahon is, at least at this point, enamored with Rock-Cena II.  Hopefully Punk and Rock tear down the house tonight and it gives him cause to change his mind.

What are the chances of WWE returning to the attitude era with the story lines, getting rid of wasted talent, and going back to the whatever didn't play out on Raw comes up on Smackdown?

Of the three, the first has the least amount of a chance of happening.  The middle has the most and the third falls in between.

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