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By Miike Specian on 2013-01-26 08:13:00
INTERVIEW SEGMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Jay Lethal challenges Kevin Steen for the Ring of Honor World Championship and Steen accepts, to the shagrin of S.C.U.M. Dissention seems to be bubbling. The transcript of the face-off is below.

The show begins with Nigel McGuinness in the ring flanked by security. He calls out Jay Lethal, then Kevin Steen. Steen comes to the ring with Jacobs, Corino and Rhino.

NIGEL: [to Lethal] You wanted your opportunity to talk. This is your opportunity.

LETHAL: Kevin Steen, first of all, I’m actually surprised you had the balls to come out here. And wherever Kevin Steen goes, the scumbags are sure to follow. I don’t know why you brought them out there - this isn’t about them or these security guards or even Nigel McGuinness. This is about me and you, Kevin. I wanted you out here so I could ask you like a man to accept my challenge for that Ring of Honor World Title.

CORINO: Jay Lethal, how dare you!? This is the World Champion. I would have thought your mother had taught you a lot more respect than that. You think Steen will face you again? You don’t understand. Your mother got spit on because your father, that ingrate, threw water on Kevin Steen. Instead, he should have thrown in the towel.

Jay pushes the microphone out of the way and jawjacks with Corino.

CORINO: You mad at me, Jay? Let me give you another fact. You...

LETHAL: Kevin, you’re not a real champion. You’re a vile human being who spits in the face of 58 year old women. You’re a disgusting human being who only cares about himself. Kevin, you say you’re here to destroy Ring of Honor, to kill it, because years ago Ring of Honor did you wrong. And how are you going to kill it? You said you’d do it by beating every single wrestler back there who believes that honor lives. Well the biggest believer is standing in your face, challenging you for your World Title and you’re telling the world that you’re too scared.

LETHAL: Kevin, not only are you too scared, but you fail to realize that we actually need each other. I need you to fulfill my dream of becoming the Ring of Honor World Champion. And whether you realize it or not, you need to defeat me to stick it to Ring of Honor. And what better way to do it than to beat one of its most honorable men, me!

LETHAL: The sad part, Kevin, is that I know I can beat you for that title. And you know why? Because I’m fueled by much more than winning that belt. I’m fueled by my family, my hatred of you, and my confidence that tells me that I deserve to be ROH Champion. I’m looking at you, Kevin, and I see it clear as day. You know it deep inside. Until you beat me, you ain’t shit.

LETHAL: Kevin Steen, I challenge you for that Ring of Honor World Title that you have on your shoulder!

(After a lengthy pause Kevin Steen walks out of the ring, turns his head back and says...)

STEEN: I accept.

CROWD: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The rest of S.C.U.M. argues with Nigel that it shouldn’t happen. Nigel and Jay shake hands. Jay is clearly very happy.


Match 1: Silas Young def. Adam Page in the 1st round of the ROH Top Prospect Tournament in 6 minutes - Silas (who look like a legitimately tough guy) played the heel in this one. Page dominated early with high impact strikes, a big back body drop to the floor, an impressive shooting star press off the apron and a big top rope crossbody. Silas recovered with heavy strikes of his own, chaining a Bubba Bomb into a full nelson for the submission.


INTERVIEW SEGMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Charlie Haas complained that 1) ROH says he can’t swear anymore and 2) it’s a “crock of crap” that WGTT can’t participate in the tag team gauntlet match coming up because Shelton’s wasn’t there. The crowd pelted Charlie with an insane amount of toilet paper, which a ringside attendant, who is training as a wrestler, tried to clean up. Charlie was offended and gave him a “match” in which he basically destroyed him. There was an insane amount of heat here - it’s probably my favorite Haas segment of all time. The full transcript is below.

An unhappy Charlie Haas came to the ring wearing a “100% Grade A Haashole T-shirt”.

HAAS: (looking disgusted by the fans) Now I see why Ray Lewis going to quit football. Or maybe just like all of you, he’s just a big pussy.

[The crowd was throwing a ridiculous amount of toilet paper and other crap at him. A roll hit him right in the mouth.]

HAAS: Keep throwing stuff. I’ll come down there and slap you right in the face. I’m pissed off about a couple of things. First of all, ROH corporate, you send letters to my house saying you’re going to censor me and that I can’t curse? I can’t flip the bird? Well last I checked, I live in the United States of America, and I have the freedom to speak so suck on that bitches [He gave the crowd the middle finger].

HAAS: Second - BJ Whitmer. Nobody knew who you were until I Haasplexed you 12 feet through the air onto your head through a table and I pinned you. Now you get a TV Championship match? Well that’s a bunch of crap.

HAAS: That’s on you Nigel McGuinness, you whining bastard. You sit up here all high and mighty. You think that because you have a pen that you’re the man. You want to book a tag team gauntlet match because Shelton’s not here.

[People were still throwing lots of toilet paper at him.]

HAAS: Now WGTT can’t get in it? Well that whole thing is a crock of crap. [A small, thin attendant at ringside is trying furiously to clear the toilet paper out of the ring.] What in God’s green earth are you doing? This is my time. What’s your name?

ATTENDANT: My name is McGill.

HAAS: Your name should be hungry because you’re thin. [Crowd laughed.] It looks like you need a cheeseburger. Your name now is Cheeseburger! You want to interrupt my time? What are your credentials to be out here when I’m in the ring. Are you a wrestler? Who are you?

CHEESEBURGER: I’m a wrestler.

HAAS: You’re a wrestler! [Fans were STILL throwing toilet paper at Charlie.]

CROWD: Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!

HAAS: You’re a wrestler hun? Are you enrolled in the ROH Dojo?


HAAS: So you’re a wrestler. So you’re cleared to wrestle. Well tonight I’m going to give you a chance. [Charlie got hit in the face with what looked like a soaking wet roll of toilet paper.] Tonight Charlie Haas, the Outlaw, vs. Cheeseburger, right now, one on one.

CROWD: Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!

The crowd was super hot for this. There was no referee, but Charlie hit a belly-to-belly suplex anyway. Cheeseburger reached for the ropes, but Charlie applied an absolutely brutal looking Haas of Pain while flipping everyone the bird. Someone rang the bell.

HAAS: [with his foot on Cheeseburger’s head] Who’s the fucking man!?

Charlie tried to kick the refs away when they came in for the save. Honestly, it’s hard to believe there were that many rolls of toilet paper in the building. This segment was a ton of fun.


Match 2: Matt Hardy def. Rhett Titus in 8 minutes - Rhett Titus had wrapped ribs. The crowd gave Matt a very positive reaction.

This was a solid, if unspectacular, match. It was mostly a back and forth with a couple notable spots. Titus countered Matt’s second turnbuckle leg drop with a dropkick to the face. Matt’s Side Effect got a two count. Titus countered a Twist of Fate into a backslide for a two count. After Matt slammed Titus all the way to the floor, he finished him off with the Twist of Fate.


Match 3: In a match for the Television Championship, Adam Cole retained against BJ Whitmer in 9.5 minutes - Matt Hardy was on commentary.

Throughout the match, both men were quick but BJ was more powerful while Cole was more sudden. BJ went for a Topé. When Cole countered with a wicked kick to the back of Whitmer’s head, the crowd came to life. Cole looked around taking it in - cool moment. Great presence by Adam.

The match turned after BJ hit a superplex. He came down hard on the back of his head and looked to be legitimately injured. The matched paused for a bit, but when BJ said he could continue, Adam went into a ballistic finish. He hit a huge overhead suplex followed by a shoulderbreaker and the Florida Key.

BJ was brought an ice pack immediately after the match as he continued to react to the injury. Hardy and Cole had a staredown to end the episode.

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