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By Ian Mills on 2013-01-25 16:39:23
TNA taped the steel cage match from Manchester between Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle first. Angle won a great match back and forth before a masked Aces and Eights member attacked angle and revealed himself to be Garett Biscoff. Wes Briscoe came for the save and turned himself revealing another Aces and Eights jacket.

*Impact then taped their opening. Bad Influence dressed as Scotsmen in kilts and bragged about beating Jeff Hardy up but lost due to Hardys' face paint being toxic. They were ran off by Magnus (huge pop) who then challenged Devon as part of Open Fight Night. D.O.C and the former Mike Knox came down. Magnus threw all of them over the top rope and posed as Aces and Eights retreated.

*Earl Hebner came out next to huge heat. UK fans are huge Bret fans.

*Joseph Park came out to a huge pop for Open Fight Night and calls out .... but before he has chance to say who, Robbie E. interrupts. He rips the UK crowd before teasing a stare down with Robbie T, who seems offended. The match between Park and Robbie E was fun. The crowd was very involved. Parks won with a big splash! Fun match.

*Austin Aries out next, accompanied by Bobby Roode. There was huge pop for Aries and they had to rip the crowd for heat. He called out Chavo Guerrero with the stip that he beats him, then he and Roode get a tag title shot. Massive Austin Aries chants. It should be interesting to see how this is edited for the TV show. Aries wins to a huge pop.

*Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan out next. Bully is over huge as a face. Big, big pop. Bully asks for his suspension to be lifted. He called Hulk Hogan family and said they have a common enemy. Bully called out Sting out to appeal to Hogan. Sting comes out to a massive pop. Huge respect for Sting. Sting calls Hogan out. Biggest pop of the night as the Hulkster comes down. Bully opens the ropes for Hogan. Sting asks Hogan to side with him and Bully against aces. Hogan says he did the right thing for Brooke walking her down the aisle and will do the right thing again and reinstates Bully. Hogan announces next week it's Aces and Eights vs. Sting and Bully Ray in a tables match.

*Velvet Sky calls out Tara and Jessie. James Storm comes down to make it a tag match. Storm gets a great reaction and it's a shame TNA can't get out of Orlando more with live crowds Like tonight. There is a pedigree by Sky for the win.

*RVD vs. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King. RVD was the crowd favorite and match started with big RVD chants. This was a great match with all three hitting their spots. There were TNA chants from the crowd. RVD hits a frog splash on Kenny but pinned the already down Ion for the win.

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