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By Jose Perez on 2013-01-25 09:59:35
A new wrestling promotion has been officially announced in Puerto Rico. During a press conference which was held this past Monday at the Water Beach Club Hotel in San Juan, owner and financial backer Richard Negrin provided information regarding the concept, TV, international alliances and the first 2 event dates.

Negrin was accompanied by former WWE Spanish color commentator and producer Hugo Savinovich, as well as owner of local indy promotion PRWA, Victor Siebens (Metal Blade). The two have been presented as producers for the company, although Savinovich has a more hands-on role as color commentator for their TV shows and member of the creative team.

Savinovich did most of the talking during the press conference. There were a few details that were announced regarding the new promotion.

The company will be based in Puerto Rico, however they have established alliances with two promotions from Ecuador and Chile to not only run international shows, but also to utilize their talent for storylines and angles. There were mentions of other possible alliances with companies in Panama, Mexico and Peru, although nothing concrete.

They did establish that they do have TV set up to start this weekend with shows running on several stations at different times.

On Saturday 1/26 their show will run on CW Puerto Rico at 4PM. On Sunday 1/27 they will run on FOX-PR at 12PM, Punto2 at 1:30PM and LWN-Caribbean at 4PM. This will be their introductory show, where they will talk about their concept, what they are all about, wrestlers that have been signed and more. Their regular show will begin on Friday 2/1 at 1AM on America TV, and Saturday 2/2 at 1AM on Mundo Fox TV.

Their first live events were said to be taking place on March 16th and 17th. Among the names already announced for the show are: “Vampire Warrior” (Gangrel), “Cowboy James Storm, Billy Gunn, XPac, “Hurricane” Shane Helms, and Blue Demon Jr. Locally they presented “Los Mamitos” – Sexy B. (formerly Bryan “The Loose Cannon”) & Mr. E (former WWE’s “Escobar”).

Finally, they introduced the former “Black Pain”, who now will be known as Monster Pain and will be managed by “Mistress Glendalys”. More names, local and international, will be announced in the coming weeks.

One thing that was talked about quite a bit was that they don’t want to be just another promotion. They are not coming to be the competition for any other promotion as their intent is to present a different kind of show to the audience. They are investing a lot of money to ensure that they can provide a big show feel every time they have an event. Savinovich stated they will have a big stage set up, lighting and pyro, just as the WWE and TNA do.

On a final note, the turnout for the press conference was really good. There was coverage from the major newspapers in the island, TV News, Noticel, and all the digital media that covers the business locally on a regular basis. It was a very professional set-up, which included the room fully decorated with the company logo everywhere, time for all media to ask questions, meet and greet with the wrestlers that were there as well as the owner and producers, “goodie bags” for everyone in attendance, amongst other details.

There will be more information coming in the next couple of weeks and we will have it for you as soon as it is released.

The following link is an interview that our friend Pedro…. from LuchaLibreOnline conducted with owner Richard Negrin and producer/commentator Hugo Savinovich. In it they talk about this big project and how it is all coming to fruition. Also, Savinovich talks for the first time since his release from WWE last year about the reasons why it happened and what he has been doing ever since. Very insightful interview. NOTE: It is in Spanish. We are working getting an interview in English very soon… Stay tuned!

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