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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-24 10:37:40
Our good friends at are officially transitioning into an iPPV provider starting next week. Depending on the event and venue, the iPPVs will either stream live or be available for VOD streaming and downloads shortly after the completion of the events. Thus far, all events are priced at just $9.95.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate in New Jersey, which runs monthly with stacked cards, has already signed on with Highspots and will be presenting their Wrestlemania weekend events, which feature Jushin Liger, Terry Funk, John Morrison, Demolition and more, as iPPVs. The first PWS iPPV will be a 2/9 event in Metuchen, NJ headlined by Jerry Lynn making his New Jersey farewell against former ECW foe Lance Storm.

Highspots will also be producing live shoot interviews with the first set for 2/21 with former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis and ROH star Mike Bennett together.

Other promotions that have signed on to work with Highspots are Premiere Wrestling Xperience in North Carolina, Destination 1 Wrestling and of course, $5 Wrestling.

For more details, visit click here for a full schedule and more.

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