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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-23 12:18:34
WWE's Wrestlemania Twitter is claiming that VIP pre-sale Tickets to AXXESS did indeed go on sale this morning and were sold out. The remaining tickets will go on sale this Saturday morning.

We've received several emails from readers claiming they had the same issues ordering tickets and when they called the IZOD Center, they were advised it was a Ticketmaster issue. After receiving the emails, I called the IZOD Center box office and was told they had received a number of complaints about ticketing, but everything was handled by Ticketmaster and the venue was not involved.

However, it may be that the issue could have been with those ordering tickets. The Wrestlemania Twitter account advised those with issues to make sure they cleared their Internet cache files before ordering, so it may be some were finding the same issues because they were loading the existing cache file of the Ticketmaster page.

So, that's the latest.

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