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By Jason Barsky on 2013-01-25 08:20:00

Team Hell No to the ring. They say they will defend their titles at the Rumble.....then Kane says he'll win the Rumble. Bryan disagrees. Big Show comes out. Tells them to leave. Rhodes Scholars come out and say Hell No is underestimating them. Call me psychic, but I think Del Rio is gonna come out and we will end up with a six man tag match tonight.

And out come ADR and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Where is Book.....ok...I didn't even finish typing that. Booker is out to make it official. Six man match tonight. It's an elimination match.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett. Good match.

Sheamus wins with the brogue kick.

Khali again? No. It's a Natalya match. Natalya vs. Rosa. Natalya wins.

CM Punk talks about the stipulation. Calls out the Shield. They come out. Says they need to stay out of his business....he never asked for their help....he never needed their help. Says if they want justice, their paths never need to cross again.

The Shield leave without doing or saying anything.

Punk says that's how he takes care of business. He gets cocky.

Rock comes out and delivers a 100% serious promo that had great intensity.  And was a perfect promo to lead into the match at the Rumble.

Rock walked out.

I'm guessing the next part was for the live crowd. Punk ripped down Sacramento and said Rock walked away. Rock came back our. Punk said just bring it. Rock came down. They fight. Rock bottom.

Up next. Orton vs. Drew Mac. He ends up killing all if 3mb. I think Orton won by dq.

Antonio Cesaro comes out for commentary.

Prime Time Players come out. Darren Young vs. The Miz.

Miz wins with the Figure Four.

Main Event time.

Del Rio out first. Then Hell No.


Rhodes Scholars and the Big Show.

Del Rio is a lot of fun to watch as a baby face.

Sandow, first eliminated by Kane.

Kane counted out.

Daniel Bryan got eliminated.

Last two...Alberto and big show.

Del Rio won.

The details may be off at the end. I was asked to go meet some listeners in the during the main event I was doing my own little meet and greet with a bunch of kids and their moms.

They support my radio show.....and I wanted to thank them. As a result....I only listened to the main event.

It was a long night in Sacramento, but coming out of this show, I think the intrigue is even higher for Punk vs. The Rock.

I'm not sure how much else was built up for the Rumble, but Punk, Shield, and then Punk and Rock was an awesome segment.


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