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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-21 18:25:15
TNA has officially opened the voting for their Gutcheck Challenge. The idea is that there are a number of different voting categories, based on talents that took part in previous Gutchecks locally. The voting will move forward tournament style until one winner gets their chance to appear on the company's Impact Wrestling. There are a slew of recognizable names, including some now working for ROH, since these are all based on who tried out at those older tryouts. Notable on the list are Veronica Carrejo (Simply Luscious) and Chase Stevens who both worked for TNA in the past, Sami Johnston (Sami Callihan) who WWE has shown interest in and Dimitrios Papadoniou (Papadon) who won the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Tournament. To vote, click here.

Papadon was interviewed recently by PWInsiderTV as we noted he was a talent to watch for 2013:

Although it was noted in our spoiler report last week that Taz did not do commentary on Impact that will air on 1/24, that is incorrect. Taz will be a heel announcer going forward.

TNA's British Bootcamp will have its season finale tomorrow at 10 PM locally on Challenge in Great Britain. The series has actually trended worldwide at points it was airing and was trending in Great Britain regularly. All of the series' competitors are booked for the ongoing European tour.

A number of the February house shows in the United States will feature steel cage matches as a way to promote the 3/20 Lockdown PPV.

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