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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-21 08:03:32
The Hollywood Reporter featured a piece on the recent passing of pro wrestler and actor Count Billy Varga, who passed away a few days ago at the age of 94 at this link.

Jerry Lynn's final NYC area match has been announced for 2/24 in Deer Park, Long Island. The former ECW World champion will face Papadon at the New York Wrestling Connection's Psycho Circus event, which is the company's biggest event of the year. Tony Nese vs. former WWE star Trent Baretta is also set, which actually has some good back story there as they were partners in the promotion before either were signed to national companies. For more on the promotion, visit

Cliff Compton vs. Big Donnie in a Street Fight will be headlining the $5 Wrestling iPPV on 2/1, which will be presented by

The latest incarnation of David McLane's WOW, Women of Wrestling held their first TV Taping over the weekend in Las Vegas. We haven't heard much yet, except that the taping was headlined by Tag champions Caged Heat vs. Santana Garett & Amber O'Neal.

I caught a few matches from the House of Glory/FTW combined event at the Amazing Red's school on Saturday night. Sabu was scheduled to appear but did not. He had given them conflicting stories over the few days leading into the show. Once they realized he wasn't coming, they reached out to Tommy Dreamer who was about an hour away at a non-wrestling event and were able to get him to come in as a surprise. Dreamer wrestled early ROH star Brian XL, who is one of the trainers at the school. Despite the size difference, they had a hell of a match with Dreamer really adapting to XL's faster speed and doing a big man vs. little man bout that included some brawling in the crowd with XL taking a hiptoss into several rows of chairs. Dreamer got the win with the Spicoli Driver. The main event saw The Amazing Red take on Eddie Kingston in a really good brawl as well. Justin Credible worked the undercard in his first match in several months since working CHIKARA's King of Trios tournament and looked good. Balls Mahoney did a hardcore match underneath as well. The school will be running another show in March. They had about 200 fans packed into the school, which made for a great atmosphere.

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