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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-21 09:30:12
WWE returns tonight with Monday Night Raw from San Jose, CA, featuring The go home show for the Royal Rumble, The Rock and CM Punk face off prior to their WWE title bout and more.

WWE will tape Main Event and Smackdown tomorrow in Sacramento, CA and then it's onward to the Royal Rumble in Phoenix. If anyone will be attending any of this week's TV Tapings, we are seeking live and spoiler reports.

The Wrestlemania AXXESS pre-sale kicks off tomorrow. As soon as we hear the online codes, we will pass them along. One thing I see readers being confused about is this: Tickets are only good for that one four hour session. If you buy a VIP ticket, it includes extra perks including a VIP autograph signing. However, if there are multiple VIP ticket signings during a single session, you would only get a ticket to one of those, so before you order, make sure you are getting the VIP signing session with the specific talent you want to get.

WWE will release the Best of In Your House on DVD and Blu-Ray on 4/30.

Our good friends at sent word of the following upcoming WWE action figure sets from Mattel - Elite Series 21 will feature Ryback, AJ Lee, Honky Tonk Man, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. Elite Series 22 will feature a WCW era The Giant (Big Show), The Rock, Kane, Damien Sandow, and Tensai.

Tickets for the 3/23 Raw in Norfolk, Virginia go on sale on 1/26. Dave Whitaker sent the following....I Went to see The Last Stand Tonight (Arnold Schwarzenegger's newest.) Saw trailers for both of the Rock's new movies, GI Joe: Retaliation and Snitch.

As of last week, Jonathan Coachman has been using the old DX Break It Down theme for his Coach And Company theme song.

Trace Armstrong sent the following....I've posted two rare WWE PPV shirts on ebay at this link. They are the Wrestlemania XX event shirt with the two main events on the front and the first 20 Wrestlemania logos on the back. The other is the 2005 Summerslam shirt with Hogan and Shawn Michaels on the front. Both are in near mint condition size Large. The Hogan/Michaels one has been in a display case since I bought it.

Here is this week's edition of "Are You Serious?" -

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