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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-21 09:15:48
The plan for the Extreme Rising TV series is to run it on a station that would cover The Philadelphia area as well as parts of New Jersey and Delaware. Should the series go to production, the company has had a commitment from a station in the Pittsburgh market as well. The plan would be to make the series available online.

The series would be made up of matches taped at the five existing Rising events, using promos and additional angles that have been filmed but not released to build storylines for events that would be promoted over the planned 13 week cycle.

The idea here is that since the company feels based on ticket and DVD sales thus far, they have tapped into a market of die-hard fans who want a certain product, so if they can get those fans to donate money to the TV show start-up, it allows the company to move in that direction with a little start-up. The plan is something Steve O'Neill, who really runs the day to day operations of the promotion, is behind.

For more on the fundraising for the potential Extreme Rising TV show, click here. Fans donating to the show will receive special benefits and gifts as a result of their involvement.

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